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Instagram Creators Now Have a Chance to Get Paid

Recently, Instagram revealed that the creators on this platform have few ways to earn some money from their posts directly. They said that they are currently testing the advertisement for IGTV and subscription-based services for the users who use Instagram live more. Apart from this, finally, the creators will get something for their efforts.

Instagram Creators Now Have a Chance to Get Paid

You must have seen advertisements on IGTV from the past few months, and the rumors about this are rolling back since February. The ads that are placed on IGTV are about 15 seconds long, and you will be able to see that advertisement when you start watching IGTV. They also added that the company is going to conduct several tests in the coming month that also include a skip option, and the result will tell the perfect execution of this decision. If you are thinking that why IGTV is getting the priority in the advertisement feature, then don’t think too much as they are doing with their experience, and soon the Instagram creators will have some bucks for their efforts.

The second and interesting feature is live testing badges. It means that if any follower wants to support their creator directly, then there is an option of purchasing the live badge, and during the live sessions, you will be highlighted on Instagram.

Even those who have the badges will have a special emoji, and the creators also see them, especially on their list of the Badgeholders. Although it looks similar to having the subscription of any platform, real things will be coming out after the release of this new feature.

The official announcement from the COO Justin Osofsky was a little bit unclear. But they have cleared that the creators will get some amount of the total revenue. They have estimated that Instagram will give around 55 percent of revenue coming from the ads running on their IGTV. Those who want badges, then they will get at the price of $0.99 to $4.99

One of the clearest points from Instagram is that there is no way to earn money directly from the live streaming platform or posts. Even those who are in the list of the influencers or the creators, then they have the option for making bucks from the sponsorship and other marketing ways like brand collaborations, but there are no chances of collecting the money from their work or post. Some creators don’t want to collaborate with anyone or don’t want any partnership, and have left with only the option to get a third party for the revenue, or you can say that to get the sponsorship. But those who don’t know about this thing may face some scummy people or hackers, which might harm their work.

In the view of this issue, Instagram is collaborating with some of their brand managers that can help the creators and guide them to prevent them from major scams.

So, there is a ray of hope that creators or influencers can start making bucks on the platform without any issue. Right now, they are testing the formats of the Badges and IGTV ads, and soon they will give good news to the creators.

Aida Martin has diverse interests that range from writing to video games. She has always had a strong passion for writing. She likes to write about games, tech events, security, and whitepapers. Her vast and varied knowledge aided by her supreme writing skills, have made her a powerful writer at



How to Set Up the Two Factor Authentication for Gmail in the Outlook

Setting up Outlook’s desktop version with the Gmail account is kind of tricky, but if it happens with straight steps, then it can be completed easily. If you are facing issues in setting up, then the first thing you should know that it is not happening because of the wrong password of the wrong address. It is happening because the authentication method is now a major requirement is you are setting up Outlook with Gmail.

How to Set Up the Two Factor Authentication for Gmail in the Outlook

Previously you might settle up the Outlook account with Gmail by the IMAP or the POP3 details with account password, but the situation has changed. It is not more like previous, now two-factor authentication is necessary. Now with the same password, you cannot access both platforms; you need to activate two-factor authentication and create a password for Gmail also. So if you don’t know the whole procedure of setting up both accounts together now, then follow this essential information.

How to Add Gmail Account with Two-Factor-Authenticator in the Outlook

Until you set up the Gmail account with two-factor with Outlook, you will not able be able to work with Outlook. so here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Open the “Google Account” to connect.
  2. Now “Sign in” with the Gmail account details.
  3. Look into the “Security” of account.
  4. Below the Sign in Google, you will find a “2-step verification” security option.
  5. Tap the button to “Get Started” with procedure.
  6. If asked, then “Confirm” your account. You can also choose another option for verification.
  7. Tap on “try it now” key.
  8. You will receive a notification and just tap “Yes” to allow for the verification.
  9. Add your “phone number” as a backup option.
  10. Tap on “Send” button.
  11. Enter the confirmation code.
  12. Press on “Next” button.
  13. Press on “Turn on” button.

Once you follow these steps, your two-factor authentication for Gmail will be complete, and now you can configure Outlook also.

Set Up the App Passwords in the Google Account

  1. Launch the Google Account.
  2. Enter the credentials to Sign in into the account.
  3. Tap on Security.
  4. Below “Sign in to Google” column, tap on “App Passwords” section.
  5. Confirm the Account.
  6. Try the drop-down process and choose the “Mail.”
  7. Try another drop-down section and choose “Windows Computer” selection.
  8. Tap on “Generate.”
  9. Now copy the password because you will need it to organize the Gmail account into Outlook.
  10. Tap “Done.”

Following these steps will let you set up the Gmail account into Outlook with the password and two-factor authentication.

Set Up the App Password into Outlook

Now to set up the two factor in Outlook, just follow these steps:

  1. Launch “Outlook.”
  2. Tap on “File.”
  3. Tap on “Info.”
  4. Below “Account Information” choose the “Add account” button.
  5. Verify your Gmail account address that you willing to add into two-factor authentication.
  6. Tap “Connect” button.
  7. Verify the recently generated password of the app into Google account.
  8. Tap “Connect.”
  9. Tap on “Done.”

Completing these steps will set up the Outlook with Gmail, and now you will be able to send and receive mails of your Gmail account by the app password.

Aida Martin is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.

MIUI Update: Coolest And Exciting Features Added in Xiaomi’s Android OS

One of the main reasons for the ruling of Xiaomi is affordable and powerful mid-range smartphones. Even the Xiaomi phones are the most reliable and the most loved smartphones than the other mid-range branded smartphones.

Xiaomi phones have done an amazing job of providing the updated software to their consumers and also offer branded smartphone cues from the design of several Apple smartphones. With these updates, MIUI software to the MIUI 12, the company has introduced usability, privacy, and interface enhancement that will work as the icing on the cake for their users.

MIUI Update: Coolest And Exciting Features Added in Xiaomi’s Android OS

Here are some new and the fresh feature that has been going to introduce with the MIUI feature that you will read in this blog.

New interface with the new experience

Interface or mobile user interface is the touch-sensitive display and graphical on a mobile device, that allows the consumers to use the applications, features, functions, and the content present in your smartphones. In that respect, the company has paid particular attention to minimizing the interface elements that may give a new and fresh look to the users to look into their phones. The new icons of the software are too clean and are fully animated, which gives some extra flair visual flair to their users.

Usually, the application gets to pop out from the screen’s middle. Still, the animation gets triggered by the respective icons that you have opened that make the users experience more attractive. The icons in this software have some excellent graphics that may give you some visual presentation of that specific icon. For instance, the view of the storage icon will also display the free storage present on the phone.

The new update of the phone that sporting a bit greater text at the top that may look like windows phones in nature. The company increases the space between the icons and the book to give a cleaner look. The biggest change in this software is to swap an iOS-style control center. For getting access to the control center, you have to swipe down on the right side of your smart phone’s home screen. For reaching the notification pane, you need to swipe down from the left side of your phone’s home screen. There is a feature in most of the smartphones, which is one-hand access. This feature can give you quick access to the settings icon of your phone, but in the beta version, you will be found difficult to use the latest layout of the software. If you don’t need these new layouts, then you can choose back your older layout of the MI phone.

With the latest update of MIUI 12, the company has upgraded its standard navigation system from the base Android 10. It is more impressive than the older version and also makes it easier to get more fluent for its users. If you don’t like these features, then it is still possible to choose the older navigation button.

Let’s talk about MIUI’s super wallpaper. There are some new and fresh updates regarding the wallpaper for your smartphone.

Xiaomi has introduced the two new packages that get inspired by the images of Mars and Earth.

Some individuals do not love these features, but who love different themes, they might pretty enjoyable addition. If you want to test your new, fresh, and updated wallpapers, then click on the link to install the wallpapers on your MI phone.

The new update of the Xiaomi also involves the pop fly view of Samsung. The new feature also provides a new floating along the window that can be resized is pretty much similar to the desktop-style usage. This windows like application also allow for the full navigation to works remarkably and control better than the older version. But there is an issue that only one feature like a floating window is used at a single time.

Updated Permissions and Privacy management

Among the most beautiful and exciting features found in the MIUI 12 beta, the company has taken several steps to enhance the security and privacy of its users, which is the best part of their step. With this version, you will also get a new feature of avoiding the system ads, which can be done in a single step. For this purpose, find the privacy icon of the phone and then turn off the system ads, and the work is completed.

The update also involves a rise in the size of the font, and every time, your smartphone will ask for accessing storage, camera, gallery, location, or another service of your phone. If you are using a camera or microphone, then you can enable the visual notification. Most of the banks’ fraud cases come with a void message, and the privacy of the mobile phone will return any blank message, and at this part, the company has done a tremendous job in this field. You can also reset the virtual ID, and ultimately, it is possible to freeze the user ID that may prevent your phone and data from the hackers.

It is a fact that MIUI 12 gets inspired by the Zen Mode of the OnePlus Smartphones that have its focus mode. It is simple to use, and you will be log out from all the applications during the changes, but you can call or message.

This time, the MIUI is going to launch the new health application that serves its services like Google Fit or Mi Fit. The application will track your daily steps that you walked and how many calories have been burned till now.

Improvement in the quality life of your smartphone

An astute but handy approach of the feature that controlling the level of brightness comes with the sunlight mode on. If you adjust the brightness level manually other than switching the automatic control, then this mode is quite helpful for you. Like during the bright light, the brightness level of the phone will increase automatically, and it will become routine when you come again in the dim light.

For file transferring from phone to PC or vice-versa, the update has File Transfer Protocol mode that can do this part for you.

These all features are sufficient enough to tell you about the updated software of MIUI, which is MIUI 12, but experts prefer this software because of the privacy management part. According to them, key for any phone development company is to maintain the privacy of the data of their users. The renewed interface in this software can also prove beneficial for the company, which derives from iOS.

After reading this blog, most of the individuals look forward to updating their software.

Emily Johnson is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.   


Twitch Selling Digital Gift Cards Now

Twitch Digital Gift Cards Available for the Residents of USA

The leading live streaming platform for gamers also broadcasts creative content and esports; Twitch has planned to sell digital gift cards. The live streaming company has announced that the people could use the gift cards sold by the company for purchasing items on the platform. However, the live streaming platform is a free service, but it often provides several opportunities for users to spend their money in multiple ways. These several ways to spend money also includes purchasing channel subscription along with paying the Bits currency of Twitch. The selling of gift cards from the live streaming platform could be put towards these multiple purchases. The users can purchase the gift cards of Twitch through their official website. These gift cards will be available in the denominations of $ 25, $50,$ 100 and $200. The company will send these cards through text messages or emails. Moreover, the cards will soon be available at GameStop and Bestbuy, and the users will avail it through digital modes.

Twitch Selling Digital Gift Cards Now

According to the announcement blog of Twitch, the company is going to launch the physical cards at GameStop and Bestbuy, starting ranging from $15 to $200. The company said these cards could be redeemed and used for Subs, Bits, and gift subs. For the users not aware of Bits, subs, or gift subs, Bits could be defined as the virtual good used for supporting the streamers and celebrating crucial moments in chats. Subs could be defined as the recurring subscription used for unlocking special benefits for several subscribers, along with supporting the streamers. Similarly, Gift subs is a subscription that could be given to other subscribers. The company has also illustrated the ways to redeem the gift cards availed by the consumers. The users will need to visit the link of the redemption page of the company, and they should have an account on Twitch. It is necessary to have the Twitch account to get your gift cards redeemed. Initially, the gift card could only be redeemed in the USA, and the full amount of the gift card will be transferred to the Twitch Wallet of the recipient.

Apart from all these, the announcement blog of Twitch has also mentioned the specific designs of the gift cards. These digital gift cards will be available for users with special designs includes designs for birthdays, random moments related to various celebrations and graduations. These digital gift cards are available in multiple other designs for emoting artists, moderators, and friends joining the chats. Amidst all, the company has announced; however, the digital gift card will be made available in the USA only in the beginning, but it is planning to make it available all across the world. Twitch is working hard to make its platform much more interactive among its users all across the globe. The introduction of digital gift cards could be seen in this context, and the users are quite excited about these cards. Twitch has been considered as the great place by the fans for sports, games, music and much more to watch live streams along with hanging out in chat and building communities.

Emily Johnson is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.



When was the last time you created a high score in Fae Tactics? Well, if your answer embarrasses you a bit, then you surely need to read this article. Humble Bundle is being humble these days by providing you with a chance to play the BEST video games on the planet at reasonable prices. It has games, books, software and what not!


CEO Jeff Rosen presents to you a bundle of joy, a bundle of excitement, and a bundle of thrill, the Humble Bundle. Primarily focusing on games, the Humble Bundle has a unique way of exciting game lovers. However, it expanded its horizons of products and services by adding more games, eBooks, books, and software. So, whether you wish to listen to that bestseller while driving or you want to beat your sibling in Slay the Spire, you know what to look at. It attempts to mix philanthropy and product sales, two relatively different components together.

What is it?

Humble Bundle is a distinctive online platform that proffers video games, books, audiobooks, comics, and software at budget-friendly prices. It gives the customer an option like never before, to bargain, and selects the cost of his choice. Not only this, but the platform also provides the purchaser with a chance to split a portion of the amount for charity. You can redeem innumerable games on Steam, uPlay, and PlayStation too. A superb hub of outstanding digital content at the prices of your choice. Pinch yourself hard.

Sneak peek into the idea.

With a strong mission to aid charity while offering amazing web content to customers at superb prices, the Bundle group has set an unseen example for online content service providers. They incepted with their services in 2010 and are now capable of calling itself a successful content provider, and game publisher, with more than 12,000,000 customers all over the planet. Intending to make the world a better place to live, the company opted for a kind approach in contributing to charity. The amount of charity donated has touched US$175,000,000. Imagine how many lives it must have changed with an amount this big. Apart from successfully offering its three main products, viz, Humble Bundle, Humble Choice, and Humble Store, the group also publishes for budding developers.

Products offered

Humble Bundles

The humble bundle phenomenon may appear confusing at first, but its not the case. Humble Bundles are bundles of games, comics, books, and softwares specifically designed in tiers. The products in these bundles are limited-time products. The fun part is that the purchaser can choose the amount that he wishes to pay and decide where that money should go. An amount of the money paid is given to charity, and the rest is the share of the developers.

Humble Choice

As the name suggests, it gives the purchaser unique choices of games that he can keep till eternity. It is a monthly computer game subscription that allows one to choose games from a variety and play whenever they wish to. Great offers too are a part of the subscription, like huge discounts on Humble Store and a chance to play more than 90 DRM-free games, all in the Humble Trove.

Subscription in Humble Choice

Well, not only content, Humble Choice also gives you a choice of subscriptions. Have a look.

Humble Choice Lite

  • It allows you to use Humble Trove
  • 10% discounts on Humble Store purchases
  • Cost- $4.99 per month

Humble Choice Basic

  • ­ It allows you to use Humble Trove
  • Choose 3 games every month
  • 10% discounts on Humble Store purchases
  • Cost- $14.99 per month

Humble Choice Premium

  • Choose 3 games every month
  • ­ It allows you to use Humble Trove
  • 20% discounts on Humble Store purchases

Humble Store

The store has a lot in store for you. It is a digital store presenting not one but thousands of large and small games. It also gives you an option to either donate in charity or to save for the future.

Humble Bundle, the technique

It brings you bundles of games, software, comic books, and eBooks in usually three tiers. It gives you the liberty to choose the amount you want to pay. Are you waiting for the twist in the story?

Well, the very common three tiers are as follows:

Tier one- The “Pay What You Want” tier. It has a significantly less amount of content, all just for $1.

Tier two- The “Beat the Average” tier. It is a combo of new content and the ones present in the previous tier.

Tier three- This one unlocks both the previous bundles and adds on other fantastic content too. Clearly, it is of the highest price among the three.

What’s “Oh So Special?”

Apart from all the special things the platform offers is the fact that the power lies in the hands of the customers. Very well-designed bundles are presented to them, and they have the power to choose what amount they want to pay. Also, another fantastic thing to appreciate is its charity. There are many companies that offer charity, but Humble Bundle has really redefined the ways charity is accommodated in businesses.

How lawful is Humble Bundle

Take two cents. The Humble Bundle has entertained up to 12 million customers until now. Clearly, it ha gained the trust of a population this huge. It works closely with a number of developers and charity organizations. Its top partners include SEGA, Capcom, Focus, 2k, and many more. Thus, there is no space for doubts about the platform.

Good or bad? The final note

If you count on the number of facilities the platform offers, then indeed, it is a boon for the game and book lovers. Reviews are good, and the platform has passed all the tests. It has the trust of numerous customers, and it partners with both big and small developers. Thus, it is also giving a boost to budding developers seeking a good platform for their content. Nothing is terrible in subscribing when you don’t have any doubts in mind. Get a high-score in your favorite games.


OnePlus 8 Pro: Everything you should know Before Buying the Flagship

It’s no doubt that the OnePlus makers have never failed to give its customers what they seek the most, the ease factor. The art of bringing convenience with newness has always been a factor that competitors have always envied. No wonder there is a certain hype for every new phone it announces. Not to miss, performance has always been OnePlus’s secret weapon; forget experts, only the users will agree to this fact. Consistency in its performance delivery is what makes the brand stand out, despite its simplistic nature.

OnePlus 8 Pro: Everything you should know Before Buying the Flagship

Launched on 14th April 2020, the OnePlus 8 Pro has always been an awaited sight. People have been waiting for the phone for a hell lot of time. If you have saved a part of your salary for this one, then this article is a must-read. You will get the most real possible insights into the goods and bads of the device. Read on.

The Appealing Side

Before judging the makers and their latest piece of work, it is essential to know what the piece of work is. The very much hyped OnePlus 8 Pro has a bunch of specifications to talk about. Put on your pajamas, make a cup of coffee, and concentrate on the details.

After unboxing the box, you will see a 6.78-inch touchscreen beauty. It has a sound resolution of 1440 x 3168pixels. It comes with a density of 513ppi, with aspect ratio being 19.8;9. The phone very easily allows wireless charging. Moreover, it is powered by octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. The screen is simple, yet, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it, at least not for a few seconds. It is difficult to state what’s good on the screen; is it the finish or the alignment? The colors too aren’t extraordinary, but soothing to eyes. That is indeed a very good quality. Are you buying the phone for its camera? On the rear side, it has a 48- megapixel camera having an f/1.78 aperture; the second one is the 8-mp camera, having f/2.44 aperture; the third one is the 48 MP camera, having f/2.2 aperture; and the fourth one is the 5 MP camera, having f/2.4 aperture. The main sensor of the camera is updated, and it deserves applauds. While the predecessors have already made a mark in their camera quality, this one takes the bar higher. Further, what is good in this one is the sober visual look. The perfect amalgamation of hues and light makes the device visually appealing to the eyes. Having the right things in the right places is probably the most underrated feature of the phone. Slowdown is never an issue for this one. The incredible battery life? Well, try it yourself first, it will surely blow your mind. You can actually use the phones for 48 long hours, minus your sleeping time (without any need to deal with battery saver option fuss.) It seems as if the device barely uses any power. Supernatural! So, just in case you are a busy freak, this one is meant for you. Charge it once in the office and then forget to bring your charger the next day.

Also, this phone is not too much to digest. Its features are limited yet well- functional. Cost? It is for $900.

While some love the finishing, many say that it is not out of the box.

The Flip Side

It would not be wrong to say that OnePlus 8 Pro will often be compared to OnePlus 8. While the customers are paying more for the new one, they want something more in return too. Do they get something extra? One thing that disappoints some is its big size. Not many are comfortable with it and wish it could be smaller. The big size probably gives the phone a look of greatness, but when it comes to handling the device on a day to day basis, then the size is really a problem. Ask the oldies in your house. Are they ready to deal with a phone this big? A phone that fails to fit in the hands properly can never give hand comfort to the users.

Moreover, the telephoto camera isn’t worth praising. The quality is dull, and it has lowered the standards a bit. The next thing that is an off is the 5G issue. If you are dreaming of 5G compatibility in this giant beauty, then please stop dreaming. Its inability to support dual sim with ease also adds to the negatives.

The Final Words

Before buying the phone, do analyze the “goods” and “bads” on your own. Ultimately, it depends on what you want from the phone. OnePlus 8 Pro is not a phoenix, but it definitely won’t let you down much. All in all, not a very bad experience.

Aida Martin has diverse interests that range from writing to video games. She has always had a strong passion for writing. She likes to write about games, tech events, security, and whitepapers. Her vast and varied knowledge aided by her supreme writing skills, have made her a powerful writer at


Zens Liberty presents the 16 Coils that Apple Failed to do

Apple has been a tech giant for ages. Yet, every tech journey is filled with experiments and failures, so is Apple’s journey. However, where Apple fails, Zen conquers the place.

After the butterfly button failure, here comes another story from Apple that first created a hype and then destroyed it. But little did the tech lovers knew that Zen is here to bring back the excitement to life.

Zens Liberty presents the 16 Coils that Apple Failed to do

If you were desperately waiting for Apple’s AirPower, then no worries, Zens Liberty won’t let you down. The all-new Zen beauty is set to raise its flag high on the land of wireless charging. The superbly designed Zen Liberty has all the formulas and techniques at the perfect places that apple fans were expecting from AirPower.

Put up to 2 phones anywhere on the rectangular beauty and boom! You’ll see the charging bars going up on both the screens. Place your phone randomly on the surface in half-sleep, and you won’t see a low battery message flashing on the screen the next morning. No need to waste time to check whether you have placed the phone in the centre or not. The astonishing Zens Liberty fulfills all your wireless charging dreams.

The technique

The phenomenal 16 coil technology has made the impossible possible. The coils are overlapping, and give the Liberty to drop your phones anywhere on the frame. The special glass edition enables the user to see all the coils beneath the surfaced. The skillfully created technique involves an enormously crafty placement of the coils that cover almost all four directions of the frame. The large charging area is designed so as to make it possible for the user to charge two mobile phones, without cramming of devices. The USB-C port is present on the side, and the USB-A port is present on the top. This means there is a place for charging for a third device, too, bingo! The Apple Watch USB-stick works as an icing to the cake. The 60W USB-C power adapter is an ideal companion for a masterpiece like this. Sadly, the doomed AirPower could not do all this.

Further, the Zens Liberty also promises a fast charging, with a sum output of 30W (don’t forget the Apple and Samsung Fast Charge feature). In simple terms, it can charge any device at the fastest charging speed possible. All in all, smart technology has proved the art of the Liberty team and has raised the bar of wireless charging even higher for competitive firms.


The Zens Freedom has not only underlined its superficial tech offerings, but it has also redefined the dull look of wireless chargers. It comes in two editions, and each one tells a different story. While one looks sporty and hardy, the other one has a smooth, classy touch; well, it is not at all easy to choose one.

The Liberty Glass Edition

For all the mechanical fans out there, the Zens Liberty has something exotic to offer. The glass- see-through frame of the Glass Edition makes the user to see all the 16 coils through naked eyes, isn’t it amazing? Well, you can actually count all the 16 coils.

The Fabric Edition

If you love royalty and class over anything else, the fabric edition is for you. Created by MargretheOdgaard, a Danish man, the high-quality woolen textile adds a whole new different personality to the look. The edition offers a sort of intensity to the overall view. This rich and royal piece of fabric is a sure shot scorer in the style quotient. What a flawless beauty!

What’s ‘oh so special’

Despite all the fantastic benefits any device offers, there is always one X factor that makes it stand out from the crowd. And in the case of Zens Liberty, the freedom of placement that the makers claim is its specialty.

Unboxing experience

On unboxing, you will get a myriad of things in a tiny magic box. Along with the usual user manual and the Zens Liberty wireless charger, you will get a braided USB-C cable of length 1.5m. A microfibre cleaning cloth, a 60W USB-C PD certified universal power adapter, and a quick install guide too will be found. For the faint-hearted, you will get a 3 year extended warranty card.


The beautiful fabric version is for $155USD, whereas the standard glass edition is for $199USD.

Room for improvement

Although Zens Liberty is a dream wireless charger for many, there is always a room for improvement. If its claim to be the largest surface for wireless charging adds to its benefits, it also works against the users, sometimes. The excessively large surface is heavy and uneasy to carry. This might scare the ones who don’t like taking heavy stuff to office.

Further, its price too is an issue of concern. The price that it asks for is simply very high. No wonder purchasing it is merely a dream for many.

Final note

Despite a few minor loopholes, the product is a perfect partner for the ones who were waiting for AirPower. While Apple promised so many things, Zens Liberty resorted to fulfilling them. The one of a kind “freedom of placement” factor will surely give its profits a power boom in the initial days only. Who thought you could drop your phone on a surface and it will start charging?

The idea of presenting it in two different editions too is excellent, as it gives the user the power of choice. The two different looks resemble two different personalities. While the Glass Edition is unique and new to the world of styled devices, the Fabric Edition merely is mouth-watering. Beware, it is really tempting to pick both the editions (only if your budget allows). The Zens Liberty’s victory over Apple’s mistake is a definite signal of its upcoming success. Apple’s failure may result in it losing some points on the credibility factor. Yet, we forgive Apple for its mistake. To err is to human.

Aida Martin is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


All these Chrome have always been on top in the category of browsing and its experience. Undoubtedly Google Chrome is the best browser till now. The users of Chrome are numerous, and the major reason behind this is that it provides a simple and straight forward experience to its users. With its simple user interface, you can easily access the photos, videos, or any other docs file with the touch of your thumb. There are already several types of browsers are available, but none of those browsers is as good as Google Chrome. Google is always working on something new with its tools, and Chrome is one of them. If you are using Chrome for a long time, then you must have seen the changes that happen in the past few years.


Chrome is best because it keeps adding new features and improve the previous features, so the users keep updated and do their work more smartly. Google is working on a new feature of Chrome, which is related to the Gallery app of Chrome OS. Well, it will be an In-built feature of Chrome where users will able to see the photos. There are more features that are in the way which is not coming out yet are available in the flag section chrome://flags.

This new feature will be very helpful to the users, and the app will also depend on this feature also. The version of Chrome will be required to update, and without doing it, you might miss some great new features. Currently, the feature is not released yet, but surely it comes out soon, and you will see a whole new gallery app in Chrome with a new design. The future of Chrome is nowhere down below, and features like these keep getting up, then definitely going to help the users a lot. The more you expect from the feature is that you can slide between the photos through the arrows of the left and right side. The usage of the keyboard will be allowed or not is currently not confirmed yet.

Along with these benefits, there are many more things that will come within, which are like zooming the photo from the zoom button and other side panels to look clearly. The rotation, flip, resize, and also adjusting the colors types of features are likely to release in the app. Technically these types of features are necessary for every gallery, and Chrome will provide it too. By having this, users don’t have to switch between the apps multiple times. There will be more additional features that might come in the future to make the app more adaptable and useful for the users.

It’s a decent and great step toward making the browser simple for viewing the pictures in the Chrome OS. Currently, it is not available, so using it or not is definitely a state of recommending, but after releasing and using it, if the positive impacts come out, then users will definitely update their Chrome OS. Some abilities like deleting the files and renaming are still on working and checking, so when the patch is clear, and everything will be completely done, the launch of the gallery will happen soon by Google.


Snapchat Marketing: Tips for Promoting Your Brand Online

Snapchat counts as the most trending social media platform, with over 150 million active users daily. Just like Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat could be used as a useful tool for marketing.

Most of you haven’t probably heard of Snapchat Marketing, so below are a few advantages of marketing through Snapchat that will give you a clear picture of why you should do it.

Snapchat Marketing: Tips for Promoting Your Brand Online

Direct Interaction with Customers

Just like any other platform, Snapchat lets you share stories and lively moments as it’s more of a live posting app. It allows your customers to know about what you’re up to and make a connection on a personal note.


You must’ve heard of Instagram giveaways. But conducting a Snapchat giveaway will too increase engagement and boost the Audience. Giveaways are one of the best strategies to bring people closer to you.

Low Participation from other Businesses

Snapchat has its users who use this application for their entertainment. Businesses do market via Instagram and Facebook, but marketing through Snapchat is not yet in trend. Therefore, there is no fear of competition and you can grab this opportunity to bring up new ideas to involve and engage the audience.

These were few advantages of Snapchat Marketing. Now if you’re planning to hold on to the idea and start with your own marketing on Snapchat, here are the tips and tricks you could use to make it successful:

Tips for Running a Successful Snapchat Marketing Campaign

1. Set your Target Audience

Before beginning to apply your marketing strategies, know your audience. Gather information like what kind of preferences they have and what will attract them the most. Once you’re done with this step, you’re good to go and post content accordingly. Not only this, stay true to your audience and give live updates to gain their trust and faith in you.

2. Gather Information about your acquaintances

Before jumping straightaway to a business account, you must firstly have your personal account on Snapchat. This will allow you to gather information about the latest trends by observing what sort of content other people share.

3. Make a to-do list for your content

Once you’ve signed in to your business account, set an apt logo which will define your brand or product you want to promote. Then plan your content accordingly.

For example- Some influencers keep posting makeup tutorials daily or any other tips and DIY’s on their Snapchat account to keep their audience engaged.

4. Creativity at its Best

Standing out of the crowd is essential to differentiate yourself from other competitors. Use your creativity at best of your knowledge and create your style to make your identity amongst the audience.

5. Stop being Tacky and too Vibrant

Snapchat is a platform whose beauty is keeping things raw and elegant. Spending too much on production and putting in forced efforts won’t do any good to you. Instead, keep your content natural and simple to understand.

6. Go live with the Audience

Reciprocating is very important while marketing. One-way communication will lead to failure and no interest. Replying to your potential audience, getting their feedback, working on your flaws is an important marketing strategy.

7. Fun with Snapchat Lenses

Filters are in great trend, and Snapchat is known for its filters. You can create or customize your Snapchat filters to draw your customer’s attention. For example- Taco Bell paid Snapchat to host its Snapchat Lens, and it ended up having over 224 million play the snap.

8. Promotion of your account

You can only add someone on Snapchat if you know their account username or other modes like ‘From contacts’ option, which means promoting your Snapchat account via other social media platforms is an essential step. Until or unless people get to know about your new account, you’ll gain no followers.

9. Using Business Tools

Snapchat recently introduced advertising, which allows business accounts to promote their content in between the stories we play. You must’ve noticed that while you’re watching your friend’s stories, a content not known to you flashes in between. These are the Snapchat advertisements.

10. Track Account Engagement

Tracking the engagement on your account will notify you about your growth amongst your customers. Keeping track of your views and screenshots of your stories presents you with an idea about your popularity. You can also do this with the help of a third-party business.

11. Be consistent

If you’ve planned to begin with Snapchat marketing, stick to it. Be consistent and post once daily to keep a connection with your audience instead of posting once a week or a month. Not posting often will lead to losing followers as they’ll find you inactive.

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How to Connect Instagram and WhatsApp to Facebook Page

Facebook pages have been quite popular in recent times due to their easy marketing procedure. Any business which wishes to grow can market itself through Facebook pages and get a lot of Engagement. Not just this, Facebook pages can also be connected to Instagram and WhatsApp, which makes the whole process a lot easier.

How to Connect Instagram and WhatsApp to Facebook Page

Pros of Connecting Instagram and WhatsApp to Facebook

For the marketing process, the same company is expected to run all three platforms, which will increase popularity and trust amongst the target audience.


It allows you to directly communicate with the audience by replying to their comments or DM’s. The Web version of Facebook or App Manager, it doesn’t matter as you still can respond to them easily. Linking your Instagram ads to Facebook is another way of boosting audience.


Sometimes, business pages or any other individual do not wish to disclose their contact details. Thus, connecting your WhatsApp to Facebook makes it easy for the customers to directly send a text message to your WhatsApp account.

While WhatsApp is only used to link with Facebook page for the customers to contact, Instagram has a lot of helpful business features. Few of them are mentioned below:

1. Business Profile

Business profile differs from the other regular users and lets you set up a business contact information in the bio along with online links, if any.

2. Insights

Insights allow you to have an overall look on the growth of the profile i.e. visitors on your profile, reach of your profile, etc on a weekly basis. It also lets you know about the post by post engagement.

3. Promote

Just as you promote ads or any other content on Facebook, you can also promote on Instagram through sponsorship.

How to Connect Instagram to a Facebook page?

Following are the steps to connect your Instagram to your Facebook page:

  1. Open your business page on Facebook.
  2. Go to ‘Settings.’
  3. Click the Instagram tab on the left side of the screen.
  4. Tap on the ‘Connect Account’ button and fill in your Instagram account details.
  5. As soon as you set up an Instagram Account, you can switch to Business account.

Switching Instagram to Business profile:

Below are the steps to switch your Instagram profile to Business Account:

  1. Open your Instagram Account after putting in your ID and Password.
  2. Under the settings tab, click ‘Switch to Business Profile.’
  3. In the next window, you’ll be asked to log in to Facebook and link the appropriate Facebook profile.

NOTE: Only one Instagram page can be linked to one Facebook profile.

  • It’ll then ask you to put in contact details further, and that is how you’re all set up with a business profile.

How to connect WhatsApp to a Facebook page?

Following are the steps to connect your WhatsApp to your Facebook page:

  1. Open Settings on your Facebook Business page.
  2. There will be a WhatsApp section. Tap on the same.
  3. Next window will ask for your country code and contact number. Fill in the same.
  4. Enter the OTP sent to you via mail or text message.

Also, if you want to add a WhatsApp button to your page and not just link, tap on ‘Add Button.’ One single tap will do it.

Aida Martin has diverse interests that range from writing to video games. She has always had a strong passion for writing. She likes to write about games, tech events, security, and whitepapers. Her vast and varied knowledge aided by her supreme writing skills, have made her a powerful writer at