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When was the last time you created a high score in Fae Tactics? Well, if your answer embarrasses you a bit, then you surely need to read this article. Humble Bundle is being humble these days by providing you with a chance to play the BEST video games on the planet at reasonable prices. It has games, books, software and what not!


CEO Jeff Rosen presents to you a bundle of joy, a bundle of excitement, and a bundle of thrill, the Humble Bundle. Primarily focusing on games, the Humble Bundle has a unique way of exciting game lovers. However, it expanded its horizons of products and services by adding more games, eBooks, books, and software. So, whether you wish to listen to that bestseller while driving or you want to beat your sibling in Slay the Spire, you know what to look at. It attempts to mix philanthropy and product sales, two relatively different components together.

What is it?

Humble Bundle is a distinctive online platform that proffers video games, books, audiobooks, comics, and software at budget-friendly prices. It gives the customer an option like never before, to bargain, and selects the cost of his choice. Not only this, but the platform also provides the purchaser with a chance to split a portion of the amount for charity. You can redeem innumerable games on Steam, uPlay, and PlayStation too. A superb hub of outstanding digital content at the prices of your choice. Pinch yourself hard.

Sneak peek into the idea.

With a strong mission to aid charity while offering amazing web content to customers at superb prices, the Bundle group has set an unseen example for online content service providers. They incepted with their services in 2010 and are now capable of calling itself a successful content provider, and game publisher, with more than 12,000,000 customers all over the planet. Intending to make the world a better place to live, the company opted for a kind approach in contributing to charity. The amount of charity donated has touched US$175,000,000. Imagine how many lives it must have changed with an amount this big. Apart from successfully offering its three main products, viz, Humble Bundle, Humble Choice, and Humble Store, the group also publishes for budding developers.

Products offered

Humble Bundles

The humble bundle phenomenon may appear confusing at first, but its not the case. Humble Bundles are bundles of games, comics, books, and softwares specifically designed in tiers. The products in these bundles are limited-time products. The fun part is that the purchaser can choose the amount that he wishes to pay and decide where that money should go. An amount of the money paid is given to charity, and the rest is the share of the developers.

Humble Choice

As the name suggests, it gives the purchaser unique choices of games that he can keep till eternity. It is a monthly computer game subscription that allows one to choose games from a variety and play whenever they wish to. Great offers too are a part of the subscription, like huge discounts on Humble Store and a chance to play more than 90 DRM-free games, all in the Humble Trove.

Subscription in Humble Choice

Well, not only content, Humble Choice also gives you a choice of subscriptions. Have a look.

Humble Choice Lite

  • It allows you to use Humble Trove
  • 10% discounts on Humble Store purchases
  • Cost- $4.99 per month

Humble Choice Basic

  • ­ It allows you to use Humble Trove
  • Choose 3 games every month
  • 10% discounts on Humble Store purchases
  • Cost- $14.99 per month

Humble Choice Premium

  • Choose 3 games every month
  • ­ It allows you to use Humble Trove
  • 20% discounts on Humble Store purchases

Humble Store

The store has a lot in store for you. It is a digital store presenting not one but thousands of large and small games. It also gives you an option to either donate in charity or to save for the future.

Humble Bundle, the technique

It brings you bundles of games, software, comic books, and eBooks in usually three tiers. It gives you the liberty to choose the amount you want to pay. Are you waiting for the twist in the story?

Well, the very common three tiers are as follows:

Tier one- The “Pay What You Want” tier. It has a significantly less amount of content, all just for $1.

Tier two- The “Beat the Average” tier. It is a combo of new content and the ones present in the previous tier.

Tier three- This one unlocks both the previous bundles and adds on other fantastic content too. Clearly, it is of the highest price among the three.

What’s “Oh So Special?”

Apart from all the special things the platform offers is the fact that the power lies in the hands of the customers. Very well-designed bundles are presented to them, and they have the power to choose what amount they want to pay. Also, another fantastic thing to appreciate is its charity. There are many companies that offer charity, but Humble Bundle has really redefined the ways charity is accommodated in businesses.

How lawful is Humble Bundle

Take two cents. The Humble Bundle has entertained up to 12 million customers until now. Clearly, it ha gained the trust of a population this huge. It works closely with a number of developers and charity organizations. Its top partners include SEGA, Capcom, Focus, 2k, and many more. Thus, there is no space for doubts about the platform.

Good or bad? The final note

If you count on the number of facilities the platform offers, then indeed, it is a boon for the game and book lovers. Reviews are good, and the platform has passed all the tests. It has the trust of numerous customers, and it partners with both big and small developers. Thus, it is also giving a boost to budding developers seeking a good platform for their content. Nothing is terrible in subscribing when you don’t have any doubts in mind. Get a high-score in your favorite games.



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