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Zens Liberty presents the 16 Coils that Apple Failed to do

Apple has been a tech giant for ages. Yet, every tech journey is filled with experiments and failures, so is Apple’s journey. However, where Apple fails, Zen conquers the place.

After the butterfly button failure, here comes another story from Apple that first created a hype and then destroyed it. But little did the tech lovers knew that Zen is here to bring back the excitement to life.

Zens Liberty presents the 16 Coils that Apple Failed to do

If you were desperately waiting for Apple’s AirPower, then no worries, Zens Liberty won’t let you down. The all-new Zen beauty is set to raise its flag high on the land of wireless charging. The superbly designed Zen Liberty has all the formulas and techniques at the perfect places that apple fans were expecting from AirPower.

Put up to 2 phones anywhere on the rectangular beauty and boom! You’ll see the charging bars going up on both the screens. Place your phone randomly on the surface in half-sleep, and you won’t see a low battery message flashing on the screen the next morning. No need to waste time to check whether you have placed the phone in the centre or not. The astonishing Zens Liberty fulfills all your wireless charging dreams.

The technique

The phenomenal 16 coil technology has made the impossible possible. The coils are overlapping, and give the Liberty to drop your phones anywhere on the frame. The special glass edition enables the user to see all the coils beneath the surfaced. The skillfully created technique involves an enormously crafty placement of the coils that cover almost all four directions of the frame. The large charging area is designed so as to make it possible for the user to charge two mobile phones, without cramming of devices. The USB-C port is present on the side, and the USB-A port is present on the top. This means there is a place for charging for a third device, too, bingo! The Apple Watch USB-stick works as an icing to the cake. The 60W USB-C power adapter is an ideal companion for a masterpiece like this. Sadly, the doomed AirPower could not do all this.

Further, the Zens Liberty also promises a fast charging, with a sum output of 30W (don’t forget the Apple and Samsung Fast Charge feature). In simple terms, it can charge any device at the fastest charging speed possible. All in all, smart technology has proved the art of the Liberty team and has raised the bar of wireless charging even higher for competitive firms.


The Zens Freedom has not only underlined its superficial tech offerings, but it has also redefined the dull look of wireless chargers. It comes in two editions, and each one tells a different story. While one looks sporty and hardy, the other one has a smooth, classy touch; well, it is not at all easy to choose one.

The Liberty Glass Edition

For all the mechanical fans out there, the Zens Liberty has something exotic to offer. The glass- see-through frame of the Glass Edition makes the user to see all the 16 coils through naked eyes, isn’t it amazing? Well, you can actually count all the 16 coils.

The Fabric Edition

If you love royalty and class over anything else, the fabric edition is for you. Created by MargretheOdgaard, a Danish man, the high-quality woolen textile adds a whole new different personality to the look. The edition offers a sort of intensity to the overall view. This rich and royal piece of fabric is a sure shot scorer in the style quotient. What a flawless beauty!

What’s ‘oh so special’

Despite all the fantastic benefits any device offers, there is always one X factor that makes it stand out from the crowd. And in the case of Zens Liberty, the freedom of placement that the makers claim is its specialty.

Unboxing experience

On unboxing, you will get a myriad of things in a tiny magic box. Along with the usual user manual and the Zens Liberty wireless charger, you will get a braided USB-C cable of length 1.5m. A microfibre cleaning cloth, a 60W USB-C PD certified universal power adapter, and a quick install guide too will be found. For the faint-hearted, you will get a 3 year extended warranty card.


The beautiful fabric version is for $155USD, whereas the standard glass edition is for $199USD.

Room for improvement

Although Zens Liberty is a dream wireless charger for many, there is always a room for improvement. If its claim to be the largest surface for wireless charging adds to its benefits, it also works against the users, sometimes. The excessively large surface is heavy and uneasy to carry. This might scare the ones who don’t like taking heavy stuff to office.

Further, its price too is an issue of concern. The price that it asks for is simply very high. No wonder purchasing it is merely a dream for many.

Final note

Despite a few minor loopholes, the product is a perfect partner for the ones who were waiting for AirPower. While Apple promised so many things, Zens Liberty resorted to fulfilling them. The one of a kind “freedom of placement” factor will surely give its profits a power boom in the initial days only. Who thought you could drop your phone on a surface and it will start charging?

The idea of presenting it in two different editions too is excellent, as it gives the user the power of choice. The two different looks resemble two different personalities. While the Glass Edition is unique and new to the world of styled devices, the Fabric Edition merely is mouth-watering. Beware, it is really tempting to pick both the editions (only if your budget allows). The Zens Liberty’s victory over Apple’s mistake is a definite signal of its upcoming success. Apple’s failure may result in it losing some points on the credibility factor. Yet, we forgive Apple for its mistake. To err is to human.

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