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Instagram Creators Now Have a Chance to Get Paid

Recently, Instagram revealed that the creators on this platform have few ways to earn some money from their posts directly. They said that they are currently testing the advertisement for IGTV and subscription-based services for the users who use Instagram live more. Apart from this, finally, the creators will get something for their efforts. YouContinue reading “Instagram Creators Now Have a Chance to Get Paid”

MIUI Update: Coolest And Exciting Features Added in Xiaomi’s Android OS

One of the main reasons for the ruling of Xiaomi is affordable and powerful mid-range smartphones. Even the Xiaomi phones are the most reliable and the most loved smartphones than the other mid-range branded smartphones. Xiaomi phones have done an amazing job of providing the updated software to their consumers and also offer branded smartphoneContinue reading “MIUI Update: Coolest And Exciting Features Added in Xiaomi’s Android OS”

Twitch Selling Digital Gift Cards Now

Twitch Digital Gift Cards Available for the Residents of USA The leading live streaming platform for gamers also broadcasts creative content and esports; Twitch has planned to sell digital gift cards. The live streaming company has announced that the people could use the gift cards sold by the company for purchasing items on the platform. However, the liveContinue reading “Twitch Selling Digital Gift Cards Now”


When was the last time you created a high score in Fae Tactics? Well, if your answer embarrasses you a bit, then you surely need to read this article. Humble Bundle is being humble these days by providing you with a chance to play the BEST video games on the planet at reasonable prices. ItContinue reading “HUMBLE BUNDLE: EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW”

OnePlus 8 Pro: Everything you should know Before Buying the Flagship

It’s no doubt that the OnePlus makers have never failed to give its customers what they seek the most, the ease factor. The art of bringing convenience with newness has always been a factor that competitors have always envied. No wonder there is a certain hype for every new phone it announces. Not to miss,Continue reading “OnePlus 8 Pro: Everything you should know Before Buying the Flagship”

Zens Liberty presents the 16 Coils that Apple Failed to do

Apple has been a tech giant for ages. Yet, every tech journey is filled with experiments and failures, so is Apple’s journey. However, where Apple fails, Zen conquers the place. After the butterfly button failure, here comes another story from Apple that first created a hype and then destroyed it. But little did the techContinue reading “Zens Liberty presents the 16 Coils that Apple Failed to do”

Snapchat Marketing: Tips for Promoting Your Brand Online

Snapchat counts as the most trending social media platform, with over 150 million active users daily. Just like Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat could be used as a useful tool for marketing. Most of you haven’t probably heard of Snapchat Marketing, so below are a few advantages of marketing through Snapchat that will give you aContinue reading “Snapchat Marketing: Tips for Promoting Your Brand Online”

How to Connect Instagram and WhatsApp to Facebook Page

Facebook pages have been quite popular in recent times due to their easy marketing procedure. Any business which wishes to grow can market itself through Facebook pages and get a lot of Engagement. Not just this, Facebook pages can also be connected to Instagram and WhatsApp, which makes the whole process a lot easier. ProsContinue reading “How to Connect Instagram and WhatsApp to Facebook Page”

How to Use Your Ultrawide Monitor to Its Full Potential

Most of us tech junkies have used the dual monitor setup, and it was one of the most hyped and trending technology of the time. However, it was a kind of technology that was hard to understand without experiencing it personally. But have you tried the ultra-wide monitor ever? If no, then it can beContinue reading “How to Use Your Ultrawide Monitor to Its Full Potential”

How to Arrange Parental Controls on Netflix

Nowadays, Netflix is growing as a home for entertainment, considering lockdown is going on these days, the channel is becoming even more popular.  If you have children at your home, it could be pretty embarrassing when they play any adult movie accidentally on your Netflix. Especially, it could be a lot disappointing if you areContinue reading “How to Arrange Parental Controls on Netflix”