Zens Liberty presents the 16 Coils that Apple Failed to do

Apple has been a tech giant for ages. Yet, every tech journey is filled with experiments and failures, so is Apple’s journey. However, where Apple fails, Zen conquers the place. After the butterfly button failure, here comes another story from Apple that first created a hype and then destroyed it. But little did the techContinue reading “Zens Liberty presents the 16 Coils that Apple Failed to do”

Apple Might Release an iPad Keyboard with a Trackpad in 2020

According to the information, Apple is going to release an iPad keyboard which will be introduced by the company with an in-built trackpad. According to the informer familiar with the matter, the recent step of Apple could be seen as its efforts to place the tablet device as the most preferred alternative to laptop computers.Continue reading “Apple Might Release an iPad Keyboard with a Trackpad in 2020”

iPad Pro 2020: Specification, Release Date Rumors

In October 2018, Apple launched iPad Pro, which was completely redesigned. They removed the headphone jack, which became a bigger issue in the consumer’s mind. However, that was compensated with the A12X processor, and removing the lightning form USB-C was like a cherry on top. This is news of the past as Apple didn’t releaseContinue reading “iPad Pro 2020: Specification, Release Date Rumors”

How to Remove Pandora Subscription

You can cancel Pandora more easily through Pandora’s own application and on Pandora official website too.  In case you are an already member of Pandora subscription, make sure to cancel your membership from Pandora first before removing your account from Pandora. If you are not able to cancel your membership of Pandora, your subscription stillContinue reading “How to Remove Pandora Subscription”

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