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Twitch Selling Digital Gift Cards Now

Twitch Digital Gift Cards Available for the Residents of USA

The leading live streaming platform for gamers also broadcasts creative content and esports; Twitch has planned to sell digital gift cards. The live streaming company has announced that the people could use the gift cards sold by the company for purchasing items on the platform. However, the live streaming platform is a free service, but it often provides several opportunities for users to spend their money in multiple ways. These several ways to spend money also includes purchasing channel subscription along with paying the Bits currency of Twitch. The selling of gift cards from the live streaming platform could be put towards these multiple purchases. The users can purchase the gift cards of Twitch through their official website. These gift cards will be available in the denominations of $ 25, $50,$ 100 and $200. The company will send these cards through text messages or emails. Moreover, the cards will soon be available at GameStop and Bestbuy, and the users will avail it through digital modes.

Twitch Selling Digital Gift Cards Now

According to the announcement blog of Twitch, the company is going to launch the physical cards at GameStop and Bestbuy, starting ranging from $15 to $200. The company said these cards could be redeemed and used for Subs, Bits, and gift subs. For the users not aware of Bits, subs, or gift subs, Bits could be defined as the virtual good used for supporting the streamers and celebrating crucial moments in chats. Subs could be defined as the recurring subscription used for unlocking special benefits for several subscribers, along with supporting the streamers. Similarly, Gift subs is a subscription that could be given to other subscribers. The company has also illustrated the ways to redeem the gift cards availed by the consumers. The users will need to visit the link of the redemption page of the company, and they should have an account on Twitch. It is necessary to have the Twitch account to get your gift cards redeemed. Initially, the gift card could only be redeemed in the USA, and the full amount of the gift card will be transferred to the Twitch Wallet of the recipient.

Apart from all these, the announcement blog of Twitch has also mentioned the specific designs of the gift cards. These digital gift cards will be available for users with special designs includes designs for birthdays, random moments related to various celebrations and graduations. These digital gift cards are available in multiple other designs for emoting artists, moderators, and friends joining the chats. Amidst all, the company has announced; however, the digital gift card will be made available in the USA only in the beginning, but it is planning to make it available all across the world. Twitch is working hard to make its platform much more interactive among its users all across the globe. The introduction of digital gift cards could be seen in this context, and the users are quite excited about these cards. Twitch has been considered as the great place by the fans for sports, games, music and much more to watch live streams along with hanging out in chat and building communities.

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