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All these Chrome have always been on top in the category of browsing and its experience. Undoubtedly Google Chrome is the best browser till now. The users of Chrome are numerous, and the major reason behind this is that it provides a simple and straight forward experience to its users. With its simple user interface, you can easily access the photos, videos, or any other docs file with the touch of your thumb. There are already several types of browsers are available, but none of those browsers is as good as Google Chrome. Google is always working on something new with its tools, and Chrome is one of them. If you are using Chrome for a long time, then you must have seen the changes that happen in the past few years.


Chrome is best because it keeps adding new features and improve the previous features, so the users keep updated and do their work more smartly. Google is working on a new feature of Chrome, which is related to the Gallery app of Chrome OS. Well, it will be an In-built feature of Chrome where users will able to see the photos. There are more features that are in the way which is not coming out yet are available in the flag section chrome://flags.

This new feature will be very helpful to the users, and the app will also depend on this feature also. The version of Chrome will be required to update, and without doing it, you might miss some great new features. Currently, the feature is not released yet, but surely it comes out soon, and you will see a whole new gallery app in Chrome with a new design. The future of Chrome is nowhere down below, and features like these keep getting up, then definitely going to help the users a lot. The more you expect from the feature is that you can slide between the photos through the arrows of the left and right side. The usage of the keyboard will be allowed or not is currently not confirmed yet.

Along with these benefits, there are many more things that will come within, which are like zooming the photo from the zoom button and other side panels to look clearly. The rotation, flip, resize, and also adjusting the colors types of features are likely to release in the app. Technically these types of features are necessary for every gallery, and Chrome will provide it too. By having this, users don’t have to switch between the apps multiple times. There will be more additional features that might come in the future to make the app more adaptable and useful for the users.

It’s a decent and great step toward making the browser simple for viewing the pictures in the Chrome OS. Currently, it is not available, so using it or not is definitely a state of recommending, but after releasing and using it, if the positive impacts come out, then users will definitely update their Chrome OS. Some abilities like deleting the files and renaming are still on working and checking, so when the patch is clear, and everything will be completely done, the launch of the gallery will happen soon by Google.



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