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Get started – Enter Product Key – Install & Activate McAfee – Viruses, malware, and bugs are a significant threat to the digital world, and the internet alongside various sharing attributes is the possible reason for them. If you are also facing any similar issues in your device, then visit and install McAfee. It is one of the most reliable antiviruses in the market with a unique design to remove any hindering issues on your devices. It also provides several more features that help the users to attain security during internet browsing or sharing of data. The downloading, installation and activation process of McAfee is straightforward, and below we have provided a brief about each of them to offer you convenience.

Sign-up to McAfee Account

The subsequent process requires users to have a McAfee account, and the users who have already created an account on McAfee should avoid reading these steps and move further. Below we have provided specific steps of creating a McAfee account. The process involves multiple steps, so it is recommended to be aware while reading it.

  • First, the consumer requires to browse through the URL bar.
  • After the homepage of McAfee appeared, the consumers need to select it.
  • Thereafter, they require to go to the My Account tab.
  • The consumer then requires to tap on the tab of Sign-up.
  • After that, the consumers require to fill their credentials into the text area.
  • After the consumers have successfully filled all the prerequisite spaces with their credentials, then they need to create a secure password.
  • The consumers now require to follow the on-screen prompt until their McAfee account gets successfully created.

Download and Install McAfee for New Users

The subsequent steps are for the users who are installing McAfee on their computer system for the first time. The process is a bit lengthy, so it is suggested to be aware while reading and executing these steps.

  • Launch the Internet browser on your computer system.
  • Browser by inserting it into the URL bar.
  • This will give you access to the homepage of McAfee and there, the users require to go to the option of My Account.
  • The users now have to use their account details to Log-in into McAfee account.
  • After that, the users need to navigate and tap on the option of Subscription.
  • Thereafter, the subscription option will ask users to choose the operating system type of their device.
  • Now, they require to select the subscription type that they are willing to purchase.
  • After that, they need to navigate and tap on the tab of Download.
  • Users have to read and accept the License Term and Agreement of McAfee.
  • The users now need to hold on until the downloading ends.
  • Thereafter, the users require to find the McAfee file from the downloads folder.
  • After they successfully found the McAfee, then they require to tap on it twice to run the installation.
  • The users require to follow the instructions that appeared on-screen until they successfully installed McAfee into their device.

Download and Install McAfee on Another Device

The subsequent steps below are comprised of information to download and install McAfee on a secondary device. If you are one of those users, then follow the below written steps.

  • Go to an Internet browser.
  • Thereafter, browse by inputting it into the search bar.
  • Visit My Account tab.
  • Go to the tab of Log-in.
  • Use your McAfee account details to Log-in.
  • Tap on the option of Add device.
  • Choose the preferred device and the McAfee product.
  • Choose the operating system of the device.
  • Insert an accessible email address into the text area.
  • Tap on Send Link tab.
  • Wait until you receive the notification of the email.
  • Open the email app on another device and start navigating the subsequent email.
  • Open the email and tap on the download link.
  • Navigate the downloaded file and double-click on it to run the installation process.
  • Wait until the process of installation completes.

Get Activation Code

After completing the process of installation through, the users now have to activate their subscription to McAfee. The activation process of McAfee subscription requires activation code; a 25 character key that is a major prerequisite for the activation process. The users can get the activation code along with their purchased subscriptions. There are two ways to obtain it and below we have specified each of them.

  1. The first way is to obtain the activation code through email by the McAfee officials. This occurs when the users buy McAfee online from
  2. The second way is to obtain activation code at the back of your subscription package, and the users require to scratch it. This occurs when the users bought McAfee from a retailer.

Activate McAfee Subscription

Here are the steps to activate McAfee subscription, the users require to be pretty ensured about inserting the correct activation code.

  • The users require to re-visit through an internet browser.
  • After that, the users require to go to MY account and log-in to
  • Thereafter, the users require to choose other options such as their regional Country, Language, and Date of Birth.
  • Now, the users have to insert an accessible email address.
  • Thereafter, they need to input the Activation Code in the text area.
  • Now, users need to tap on the Submit tab.
  • The Subscription of McAfee of users is now successfully activated.
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