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Instagram Creators Now Have a Chance to Get Paid

Recently, Instagram revealed that the creators on this platform have few ways to earn some money from their posts directly. They said that they are currently testing the advertisement for IGTV and subscription-based services for the users who use Instagram live more. Apart from this, finally, the creators will get something for their efforts. YouContinue reading “Instagram Creators Now Have a Chance to Get Paid”

How to Connect Instagram and WhatsApp to Facebook Page

Facebook pages have been quite popular in recent times due to their easy marketing procedure. Any business which wishes to grow can market itself through Facebook pages and get a lot of Engagement. Not just this, Facebook pages can also be connected to Instagram and WhatsApp, which makes the whole process a lot easier. ProsContinue reading “How to Connect Instagram and WhatsApp to Facebook Page”

Facebook to Integrate WhatsApp and Instagram DM with Messenger

Facebook is planning to merge its systems- Messenger and Instagram so that users can exchange messages among the applications. However, it will chip away some of the freedom offered by Instagram’s DM feature in the course. Developers are trying to revamp Instagram’s Direct Message feature by making use of the technology used by Messenger. ThisContinue reading “Facebook to Integrate WhatsApp and Instagram DM with Messenger”

How To Set The Privacy Of Your Instagram To Maximum

Many Instagram users complain of not having sufficient privacy for their accounts. Most of the users look for complete privacy of their data and information on such social media platforms. Instagram offers an option to make your account from public to private, but it’s not enough. Cyber-security related issues are always at the top inContinue reading “How To Set The Privacy Of Your Instagram To Maximum”

How to Create a Collage on Instagram

Most of the Instagram users use photo collage as their storytelling tool. A collage makes your Instagram post more attractive by adding many pictures into one photo. If you want to combine your photos, then try to create a collage on Instagram by following the steps mentioned below. Steps to Create a Collage  on InstagramContinue reading “How to Create a Collage on Instagram”

How to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Do you want to see who has checked out your Instagram? The users will not able to view which followers had seen their Instagram story, video, pictures, but this is very simple steps to find how to see who views your Instagram profile. Follow the instructions listed below to know the specific follower name whoContinue reading “How to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile”

How To Disconnect Facebook From Instagram

Have different posts on separate social network sites From the time Facebook bought Instagram, both of them got connected in many of the ways. It is true that for Instagram users it is not compulsory to start their Instagram account with Facebook, but it does suggest to do it always. Luckily, there are methods toContinue reading “How To Disconnect Facebook From Instagram”

Review your 2018 Instagram Colour Palette with the Year of Colour App

Year of Colour is a web-based application created by Stef Lewandowski. Lewandowski, a technologist and designer who lives in the UK, created this application that summarizes the complete colour schemes of the users’ Instagram posts of last year and sums them into a compilation of round concept-based circles. This web-based app makes use of AIContinue reading “Review your 2018 Instagram Colour Palette with the Year of Colour App”