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OnePlus 8 Pro: Everything you should know Before Buying the Flagship

It’s no doubt that the OnePlus makers have never failed to give its customers what they seek the most, the ease factor. The art of bringing convenience with newness has always been a factor that competitors have always envied. No wonder there is a certain hype for every new phone it announces. Not to miss, performance has always been OnePlus’s secret weapon; forget experts, only the users will agree to this fact. Consistency in its performance delivery is what makes the brand stand out, despite its simplistic nature.

OnePlus 8 Pro: Everything you should know Before Buying the Flagship

Launched on 14th April 2020, the OnePlus 8 Pro has always been an awaited sight. People have been waiting for the phone for a hell lot of time. If you have saved a part of your salary for this one, then this article is a must-read. You will get the most real possible insights into the goods and bads of the device. Read on.

The Appealing Side

Before judging the makers and their latest piece of work, it is essential to know what the piece of work is. The very much hyped OnePlus 8 Pro has a bunch of specifications to talk about. Put on your pajamas, make a cup of coffee, and concentrate on the details.

After unboxing the box, you will see a 6.78-inch touchscreen beauty. It has a sound resolution of 1440 x 3168pixels. It comes with a density of 513ppi, with aspect ratio being 19.8;9. The phone very easily allows wireless charging. Moreover, it is powered by octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. The screen is simple, yet, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it, at least not for a few seconds. It is difficult to state what’s good on the screen; is it the finish or the alignment? The colors too aren’t extraordinary, but soothing to eyes. That is indeed a very good quality. Are you buying the phone for its camera? On the rear side, it has a 48- megapixel camera having an f/1.78 aperture; the second one is the 8-mp camera, having f/2.44 aperture; the third one is the 48 MP camera, having f/2.2 aperture; and the fourth one is the 5 MP camera, having f/2.4 aperture. The main sensor of the camera is updated, and it deserves applauds. While the predecessors have already made a mark in their camera quality, this one takes the bar higher. Further, what is good in this one is the sober visual look. The perfect amalgamation of hues and light makes the device visually appealing to the eyes. Having the right things in the right places is probably the most underrated feature of the phone. Slowdown is never an issue for this one. The incredible battery life? Well, try it yourself first, it will surely blow your mind. You can actually use the phones for 48 long hours, minus your sleeping time (without any need to deal with battery saver option fuss.) It seems as if the device barely uses any power. Supernatural! So, just in case you are a busy freak, this one is meant for you. Charge it once in the office and then forget to bring your charger the next day.

Also, this phone is not too much to digest. Its features are limited yet well- functional. Cost? It is for $900.

While some love the finishing, many say that it is not out of the box.

The Flip Side

It would not be wrong to say that OnePlus 8 Pro will often be compared to OnePlus 8. While the customers are paying more for the new one, they want something more in return too. Do they get something extra? One thing that disappoints some is its big size. Not many are comfortable with it and wish it could be smaller. The big size probably gives the phone a look of greatness, but when it comes to handling the device on a day to day basis, then the size is really a problem. Ask the oldies in your house. Are they ready to deal with a phone this big? A phone that fails to fit in the hands properly can never give hand comfort to the users.

Moreover, the telephoto camera isn’t worth praising. The quality is dull, and it has lowered the standards a bit. The next thing that is an off is the 5G issue. If you are dreaming of 5G compatibility in this giant beauty, then please stop dreaming. Its inability to support dual sim with ease also adds to the negatives.

The Final Words

Before buying the phone, do analyze the “goods” and “bads” on your own. Ultimately, it depends on what you want from the phone. OnePlus 8 Pro is not a phoenix, but it definitely won’t let you down much. All in all, not a very bad experience.

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