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Instagram Creators Now Have a Chance to Get Paid

Recently, Instagram revealed that the creators on this platform have few ways to earn some money from their posts directly. They said that they are currently testing the advertisement for IGTV and subscription-based services for the users who use Instagram live more. Apart from this, finally, the creators will get something for their efforts.

Instagram Creators Now Have a Chance to Get Paid

You must have seen advertisements on IGTV from the past few months, and the rumors about this are rolling back since February. The ads that are placed on IGTV are about 15 seconds long, and you will be able to see that advertisement when you start watching IGTV. They also added that the company is going to conduct several tests in the coming month that also include a skip option, and the result will tell the perfect execution of this decision. If you are thinking that why IGTV is getting the priority in the advertisement feature, then don’t think too much as they are doing with their experience, and soon the Instagram creators will have some bucks for their efforts.

The second and interesting feature is live testing badges. It means that if any follower wants to support their creator directly, then there is an option of purchasing the live badge, and during the live sessions, you will be highlighted on Instagram.

Even those who have the badges will have a special emoji, and the creators also see them, especially on their list of the Badgeholders. Although it looks similar to having the subscription of any platform, real things will be coming out after the release of this new feature.

The official announcement from the COO Justin Osofsky was a little bit unclear. But they have cleared that the creators will get some amount of the total revenue. They have estimated that Instagram will give around 55 percent of revenue coming from the ads running on their IGTV. Those who want badges, then they will get at the price of $0.99 to $4.99

One of the clearest points from Instagram is that there is no way to earn money directly from the live streaming platform or posts. Even those who are in the list of the influencers or the creators, then they have the option for making bucks from the sponsorship and other marketing ways like brand collaborations, but there are no chances of collecting the money from their work or post. Some creators don’t want to collaborate with anyone or don’t want any partnership, and have left with only the option to get a third party for the revenue, or you can say that to get the sponsorship. But those who don’t know about this thing may face some scummy people or hackers, which might harm their work.

In the view of this issue, Instagram is collaborating with some of their brand managers that can help the creators and guide them to prevent them from major scams.

So, there is a ray of hope that creators or influencers can start making bucks on the platform without any issue. Right now, they are testing the formats of the Badges and IGTV ads, and soon they will give good news to the creators.

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