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MIUI Update: Coolest And Exciting Features Added in Xiaomi’s Android OS

One of the main reasons for the ruling of Xiaomi is affordable and powerful mid-range smartphones. Even the Xiaomi phones are the most reliable and the most loved smartphones than the other mid-range branded smartphones.

Xiaomi phones have done an amazing job of providing the updated software to their consumers and also offer branded smartphone cues from the design of several Apple smartphones. With these updates, MIUI software to the MIUI 12, the company has introduced usability, privacy, and interface enhancement that will work as the icing on the cake for their users.

MIUI Update: Coolest And Exciting Features Added in Xiaomi’s Android OS

Here are some new and the fresh feature that has been going to introduce with the MIUI feature that you will read in this blog.

New interface with the new experience

Interface or mobile user interface is the touch-sensitive display and graphical on a mobile device, that allows the consumers to use the applications, features, functions, and the content present in your smartphones. In that respect, the company has paid particular attention to minimizing the interface elements that may give a new and fresh look to the users to look into their phones. The new icons of the software are too clean and are fully animated, which gives some extra flair visual flair to their users.

Usually, the application gets to pop out from the screen’s middle. Still, the animation gets triggered by the respective icons that you have opened that make the users experience more attractive. The icons in this software have some excellent graphics that may give you some visual presentation of that specific icon. For instance, the view of the storage icon will also display the free storage present on the phone.

The new update of the phone that sporting a bit greater text at the top that may look like windows phones in nature. The company increases the space between the icons and the book to give a cleaner look. The biggest change in this software is to swap an iOS-style control center. For getting access to the control center, you have to swipe down on the right side of your smart phone’s home screen. For reaching the notification pane, you need to swipe down from the left side of your phone’s home screen. There is a feature in most of the smartphones, which is one-hand access. This feature can give you quick access to the settings icon of your phone, but in the beta version, you will be found difficult to use the latest layout of the software. If you don’t need these new layouts, then you can choose back your older layout of the MI phone.

With the latest update of MIUI 12, the company has upgraded its standard navigation system from the base Android 10. It is more impressive than the older version and also makes it easier to get more fluent for its users. If you don’t like these features, then it is still possible to choose the older navigation button.

Let’s talk about MIUI’s super wallpaper. There are some new and fresh updates regarding the wallpaper for your smartphone.

Xiaomi has introduced the two new packages that get inspired by the images of Mars and Earth.

Some individuals do not love these features, but who love different themes, they might pretty enjoyable addition. If you want to test your new, fresh, and updated wallpapers, then click on the link to install the wallpapers on your MI phone.

The new update of the Xiaomi also involves the pop fly view of Samsung. The new feature also provides a new floating along the window that can be resized is pretty much similar to the desktop-style usage. This windows like application also allow for the full navigation to works remarkably and control better than the older version. But there is an issue that only one feature like a floating window is used at a single time.

Updated Permissions and Privacy management

Among the most beautiful and exciting features found in the MIUI 12 beta, the company has taken several steps to enhance the security and privacy of its users, which is the best part of their step. With this version, you will also get a new feature of avoiding the system ads, which can be done in a single step. For this purpose, find the privacy icon of the phone and then turn off the system ads, and the work is completed.

The update also involves a rise in the size of the font, and every time, your smartphone will ask for accessing storage, camera, gallery, location, or another service of your phone. If you are using a camera or microphone, then you can enable the visual notification. Most of the banks’ fraud cases come with a void message, and the privacy of the mobile phone will return any blank message, and at this part, the company has done a tremendous job in this field. You can also reset the virtual ID, and ultimately, it is possible to freeze the user ID that may prevent your phone and data from the hackers.

It is a fact that MIUI 12 gets inspired by the Zen Mode of the OnePlus Smartphones that have its focus mode. It is simple to use, and you will be log out from all the applications during the changes, but you can call or message.

This time, the MIUI is going to launch the new health application that serves its services like Google Fit or Mi Fit. The application will track your daily steps that you walked and how many calories have been burned till now.

Improvement in the quality life of your smartphone

An astute but handy approach of the feature that controlling the level of brightness comes with the sunlight mode on. If you adjust the brightness level manually other than switching the automatic control, then this mode is quite helpful for you. Like during the bright light, the brightness level of the phone will increase automatically, and it will become routine when you come again in the dim light.

For file transferring from phone to PC or vice-versa, the update has File Transfer Protocol mode that can do this part for you.

These all features are sufficient enough to tell you about the updated software of MIUI, which is MIUI 12, but experts prefer this software because of the privacy management part. According to them, key for any phone development company is to maintain the privacy of the data of their users. The renewed interface in this software can also prove beneficial for the company, which derives from iOS.

After reading this blog, most of the individuals look forward to updating their software.

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