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When was the last time you created a high score in Fae Tactics? Well, if your answer embarrasses you a bit, then you surely need to read this article. Humble Bundle is being humble these days by providing you with a chance to play the BEST video games on the planet at reasonable prices. ItContinue reading “HUMBLE BUNDLE: EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW”

How to Build A Raft in Stranded Deep

The popular surviving game of Beam Team Games has finally been released for the Xbox One and PS4. After several conflicts, the game has managed to arrive to meet the anticipation and excitation of the gamers. The fascinating world of Stranded Deep allows the gamers to obtain a virtual experience of the surviving mechanism of the travellers. Thus, the gameContinue reading “How to Build A Raft in Stranded Deep”


In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are numerous items that can be collected, but collecting items through the catalog provides a different experience in the game. Players are allowed to get the complete set of furniture and making amazing rooms not just for showing off in the HHA but also to show up the reflectionContinue reading “HOW TO CATALOG ITEMS FROM FRIENDS IN ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS”

Bleeding Edge: How to Get and Change Skins

Bleeding Edge is the right game for those players who prefer to play melee combat games. Bleeding Edge is a unique battle game developed by Ninja Theory. Characters, skills, and techniques, and their total stats are part of the amazing concept of the game. Well, it is difficult to master techniques and combinations of combos,Continue reading “Bleeding Edge: How to Get and Change Skins”

How to Fix Star Wars the Old Republic Issues on Windows 10

Star Wars is one of the most popular games worldwide but it also has some issues on Windows 10 PC. The main problem of this game is it starting and go black screen on your screen and some other issues. In this article, we will show you how you can fix this Star Wars OldContinue reading “How to Fix Star Wars the Old Republic Issues on Windows 10”

Final Fantasy 7 Guide: How to Upgrade the Weapons

“Guide to Upgrading Weapons in Final Fantasy 7” Final Fantasy 7 remake is finally here, and it broke many records in the category of best RPG games. In the game, deadly monsters and ultimate weapons available in which buster sword is included. Cloud and his teammates have several weapons to defeat every opponent. Upgrading theseContinue reading “Final Fantasy 7 Guide: How to Upgrade the Weapons”

Final Fantasy XIV: How to Obtain Shark Mount

Final Fantasy XIV is full of several types of creatures that players have to discover throughout the game. Among several types of location and creature, there are mounts, monsters, and other hidden things are around the iconic world of the Final Fantasy XIV. This edition Final Fantasy XIV is the only edition that can playContinue reading “Final Fantasy XIV: How to Obtain Shark Mount”

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Find Lost Friends Cat Locations

The much-awaited trending Remake of Final Fantasy VII has finally released. The game is quite fresh as Square Enix proclaimed that despite the name, everything in the game had been changed. However, changing the aspects doesn’t mean that it will change the original objective of the game. There are still various side quests available in the world of FinalContinue reading “Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Find Lost Friends Cat Locations”

How to Force Balloon Spawns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Cherry Blossom Season of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is ceased to end in few days. Gamers across the globe have greeted the subsequent season a lot as it is a package of fun. Players who are short of cherry blossom recipes are now trying hard to attain some. Although it is tough now to grab all the recipesContinue reading “How to Force Balloon Spawns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons”

Google Introduces Stadia with Free Two Month Pro Trial

In these ongoing tribulations, where every time you hear about death, infection and deadly diseases, we have good news for you. Recently Google announced that it is releasing the free version for its game streaming platform know as Stadia. From now on every Gmail user will be able to access the Stadia by signing up on the service.Continue reading “Google Introduces Stadia with Free Two Month Pro Trial”