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The Hope Satellite by the United Arab Emirates Reaches Mars Soon

With the launch of Hope satellite that will reach Mars in the year 2021, the United Arab Emirates will become the Arab Muslim majority nation to lead an interplanetary mission. The Hope mission has been launched to get a holistic view of the atmosphere of Mars, and the satellite will also probe how the climate of Mars varies throughout the year. Along with sending the pictures of the atmosphere of Mars, the Hope mission will serve much more for the earth as it is going to provide a ray of hope to the younger generation.

The Hope Satellite by the United Arab Emirates Reaches Mars Soon

UAE is viewing the Mars mission as a significant opportunity to bring not only young men but also the women into Stem so they could contribute to the development of the nation along with promoting collaborations among the countries. The satellite under Hope mission will be launched from Japan in July, and it will study the connections between the lower and upper atmosphere of the red planet. The satellite will also probe into the causes leading to the loss of Oxygen and hydrogen into space, and it will collect the data regarding Mar’s atmosphere for two years. The hope mission could be extended to 2025 once it will achieve its orbit around the moon.

It is worth to mention that the satellite will reach Mars when the UAE is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary. When UAE announced the mission in the year 2014, it was a tough time for the region as the whole area was entangled in uprisings and anti-government protests. Meanwhile, The chairperson of the UAE Council of Scientists and deputy project manager for the Emirates Mars mission, Sarah Al Amiri, has said they are not intended to put any message or declaration to the world, and the purpose is just about the internal strengthening of UAE.

The region has vast young demography demanding more opportunities from the government, and the mission could be seen as the stepping stone towards encouraging the youth into STEM. With the announcement of the purpose since the year 2014, it has been observed that the jobs related to space exploration have been increased throughout the universities. Now, the universities all across the region are busy recruiting the faculty related to space exploration, and also the UAE space agency has generated several jobs associated with the field. All such developments are encouraging the youth, and they are showing interest in the area as a lot of admissions have been recorded in the space exploration field. Meanwhile, AL Amiri, in an interview, said that it becomes essential for the governments to provide youth opportunities if they are willing to use their vast talent and energy in the development of the nation.


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