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How to use New Google Assistant Features

Google Assistant can let you control your devices and your smart home. It can access your information from your calendars and other personal information. You can find information online, book your ticket and hotels, or access the latest news. Activities like controlling your music and videos, playing content on your Chrome cast or other compatible devices becomes easy with the Assistant. You can also run timers and reminders. Now, Google’s Assistant adds 5 new features in Google’s digital voice assistants.

How to use New Google Assistant Features

Google assistance has only one ambition; to offer the best platform at your home. If you are using Google Assistance, then you must know that Google Assistance ties your phone hardware to Google database co-operation.

Google Assistance has 500 million users and over a billion devices while it installed 100 million recently. In case you wish to know about its latest features, then read through.

Google Assistance New Features

  • Link Google devices with Assistant
  • Schedule actions
  • Leave Household Notes
  • Speed dial of Household Contacts
  • New privacy controls

Link your Google Devices with Google Assistant

Google is always aspiring to make it more comfortable for its users to join your account to your home device. Like C smart light bulbs or Ecobee smart thermostat is not made by Google. However, if you want to set up your brand-new device with the manufacture application, then Google will send you a notification on your phones, where you can choose your information to add automatically.

Schedule Actions

If you are using any device that is capable of Google Assistance, like TV Microwave, or any smart plug that can use new features to restrain it

Commands goes like:

  1. Hey, Google, turn on the coffee-maker at 7 a.m.
  2. Hey, Google, switch off the TV at 8 p.m.
  3. Hey, Google, switch on the vacuum cleaner at 4 p.m
  4. This feature will come in Approx 20 devices in the Year 2020.

Split Household Notes

household notes are extremely new features to its user, and this new feature is posted your notes into a smart display. It is for anyone who is nearby and sees the notes even they are not matched voice to the display.

As earlier, you can say OK Google and leave a note. I have played cricket to create notes. Then these new features will save your notes for several months.

Speed control of Household Contacts

this feature is also for household contacts; for entire household activities, these features called Household contact. To use these features, you need a smart display.

One of the family members set up the device as a master device. The cab sets all the contact number as a name as a sister, mother, grandmother, etc. after that someone in the family who say mother take out for the market. In this method, anyone can place a call without having to look at the number.

The contact list can be uploaded to the device during the setup of the device.

New Privacy Controls

It has two privacy control

  • First: If you wish you response Google Assistance Accidently, say HEY Google fit was not for you can say anything it will be disregard.
  • Second: You can also say, Hey, Google saves my audio data? Google Assistance will tell you about your privacy that appears on your phone screen, here you can review your Preferences.


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