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Facebook May Change Its Libra Cryptocurrency Project to Add Other Coins

“Facebook Shift its Libra Cryptocurrency Project After Intense Pressure.”

Facebook is changing its Cryptocurrency plans after getting intense pressure at regular intervals. The Information has proclaimed the news, and they have published it on post-Tuesday. The report stated that Facebook, who has once shown a desperate interest in making Libra token as their cryptocurrency, has now backup from the venture.

The reports stated that they are no longer being a part of the Libra Association and intend to change the project with some other coin. Libra Association, which is a nonprofit organization, has also been blamed for this dispute. As it is a government organization and as per the reports, they are the ones who have put intense pressure on Facebook to back off.

Facebook May Change Its Libra Cryptocurrency Project to Add Other Coins

The reports have proclaimed that the subsequent project would be created in reference to the US Dollar and the Euro, and it is almost ready to be released, but eventually, they canceled their plan. Following the fact, several rumors have also been spread that not only Libra but Facebook has also delayed their Calibra digital wallet. As their plan was to launch the Calibra digital wallet along with Libra, the wallet has been created by Facebook in order to pay through it by Libra currency. The wallet obtains the ability to do the transition in several currencies through Libra. The delaying of Calibra is happened due to Libra as Facebook has developed it in reference to Libra, but now the conflict that has arisen between them leads to redeveloping of the wallet.

Before the news of subsequent dispute, it was clearly proclaimed that Calibra would arrive in the forthcoming summer. However, the latest report by The Information reports has appeared that the wallet will now arrive in the upcoming October, along with a new cryptocurrency. The delay and the back off of Facebook occurred due to the refusal of the government organization. However, the reason behind the refusal of the federal union of the USA hasn’t reported by anyone. The reason behind it is still a mystery, and Facebook has also not proclaimed anything yet about the cancellation of the Libra Venture.

The Libra venture was started a couple of years ago, and in the post-June, Facebook proclaimed about it. The initiative was acclaimed worldwide at that time because it is one of the rare and revolutionary innovations that will be going to provide convenience and ease to everyone across the globe. However, the cancellation news of Facebook’s venture of Libra has stunned everyone, and now everybody is going to be waiting for Facebook to proclaim it. We all are familiar with the promising attribute of Facebook, and definitely, they will appear soon with an announcement along with a whole new cryptocurrency venture and Calibra wallet.


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