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Mario Kart Tour Will Get Multiplayer on March 8th

Yesterday, Nintendo proclaimed that Mario Kart Tour would finally get multiplayer on March 8th at 11 PM ET.  The multiplayer will now grant the players to play the game in a group of seven people alongside the option of local or online play is available. The news has to stun its fans across the globe as they were waiting for the subsequent inclusion from post-September. Due to excessive delay, the fans have accepted that Nintendo will never launch a multiplayer for Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour was released on September 25th, 2019, and it is a mobile version of the popular game, Mario kart. The game is pretty similar to the original version except for its controls. The gamers have to operate the game through touch; there is not even a button to accelerate the player. They just require to swipe a touch left or right and a slight touch on the items to utilize them.

Mario Kart Tour Will Get Multiplayer on March 8th

The game is free to be played on iOS or Android mobile phones but consists of various items in the game store that can be purchased by the gamers. The game also offers a special subscription of 4.99$ for the gamers that will unlock various game characters, faster 200cc mode, and essential items. The subscription also offers various features to the gamers that are quite beneficial for the game, and the major one is to experience a beta version of the forthcoming update that will arrive in December.

Mario Kart Tour is a critically acclaimed success when it first released in 2019. According to the stats, the game was one of the most installed games on iOS and was on the fifth rank on Androids. Nintendo’s decision to include multiplayer in the game is a great initiative. However, they must do quite late in mobilizing it. All over the world, numerous fans have already uninstalled Mario Kart Tour because of the absence of Multiplayer because the game seems out to be incomplete without it.

Nintendo has also stated in reference to the subsequent question that they are trying to build a perfect multiplayer for the game, which works properly on mobile. The delay occurs due to craft something that is compatible with the mobile version of the game as its controls vary from the original Mario Kart. Nintendo’s officials have also stated that they are feeling really apologetic for the excessive delay and thus proclaimed that the multiplayer will definitely cure all diminished the rage of the fans.

The subsequent statement really excited all of us again, and yet we are again become anticipated for the multiplayer. Now, the arrival of Multiplayer on March 8th will tell us how the gamers and critics will greet it. Till then, we all need to wait and kept our patience.


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