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iPhone 9 Launch Date, Price, Specs, and Touch ID Revitalization

“Know Everything About iPhone 9 aka iPhone SE 2”

Apple is planning to release an affordable iPhone in the fall of March 2020, and it would be the first from the list of forthcoming iPhones anticipated in 2020. The subsequent device is assumed to be either called the iPhone 9 of iPhone SE 2. Following the unsolved facts, the phone will also bring updates for iPhone SE 2016. If all these rumors are appeared to be accurate, then it would be an influential factor in global Smartphone sales. It would affect the sales of other low-cost phone ventures.

iPhone 9 Launch Date, Price, Specs, and Touch ID Revitalization

The affordable iPhone will be appearing soon and is also rumored to be gone under various changes as compared to nowadays Apple devices. The new iPhone will appear with a Touch ID instead of Face ID, along with that new camera specs have been developed for it. Apple tried to equip the new device with the best specs that it can provide at affordable rates. Therefore, they have developed iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 with all-new technology along with all new parts to minimize the cost of it.

The phone is anticipated to be launched at the end of the upcoming March or maybe in the initial of April. The phone will share some specs from the latest iPhone 11, too, such as the A13 processor. Alongside this, Apple is working on a whole new chipset for the subsequent phone, and it would be preloaded with 3GB RAM. The phone will arrive with an anticipated 4.7-inch display that has been increased in comparison to iPhone SE.

The rumors also spread that the iPhone would appear in seven colors that are similar to the latest iPhone 11. Additionally, the new iphone will be launch at a budget-friendly price of 399$ globally. However, the cost would include various in distinctive countries that totally rely on their taxation policies. Similar to iPhone SE, which was launched in 2016, the new iPhone will resemble it a lot. The resembles would feature the same body structure, weight, touch ID, and few specs.

Apple hasn’t proclaimed any such statement, and there are also rumors that they will announce the launch of the subsequent device globally on 31st March. Till then, we all need to wait and see what this new phone of Apple will bring with it, what would be its name and what would be its specs.

However, we all will have to appreciate Apple if the news would appear to be correct due to the following facts. As their decision to cover the middle segment market will definitely thrash out current business leaders of the subsequent segment, and it appears to be an excellent business moto. Alongside, Apple didn’t require any marketing to sell out its venture. iPhones are admired almost by everybody; thus, the initiative of Apple would probably fulfill the dreams of customers who are willing to own an iPhone but could afford it.


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