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Kevin Feige to Voice Thanos in The Simpsons Avengers

The president of Marvel Kevin Feige will voice Thanos knock off for the upcoming episode of the Simpsons in a parody of Avengers: Endgame. The animated series has been appreciated by the people a lot and over the unprecedented run of its 30 years, it has taken on multiple movie parodies. But the beloved animated series has yet to set its sights on the storyline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Working as the president of Marvel since the year 2007 has escorted in the veritable superhero renaissance of Marvel Cinematic Universe that came to a crescendo in the form of Avengers: Endgame.

Kevin Feige to Voice Thanos in The Simpsons Avengers

The upcoming episode of The Simpsons has been given the title “Bart the Bad Boy” in which Feige voices the villainous character, Thanos. The upcoming episode featuring Bart who is harnessing the power to damage a superhero film before it could premiers. But, he accidentally sees the superhero film which is a parody of Avengers: Endgame before the film could hit the theatres. He further starts harnessing his exceptional and powerful premonition for his advantage with entertaining and hilarious effect.   The teaser of the upcoming episode could be seen in the poster of epic Avengers /Simpsons parody and in the preview clip which has been posted from Fox to YouTube, the fans could see Feige giving his voice to the parody of Thanos called Chinnos in the film.

Feige has done an admirable work while voicing the parody of Thanos who is intended to destroy the world with the help of his inevitable app of doomsday. However,  a clip is cautious enough not to reveal the audience that the movie they are watching Chinnos had the already spoiled movie in advance by the antics of Bart. The upcoming episode of The Simpsons will also feature the directors of Endgame Anthony and Joe playing the role of movie executives who are very much stressed and desperate to stop Bart in any way so he could not spoils the film. The Simpsons have attracted multiple stars from Mick Jagger to Katy Perry to Danny DeVito including Stephen Hawking over the years and many have them have either lent their voices in the sitcom or have appeared in one-off character. The lending of voice to Thanos parody by Marvel president  Kevin Feige and appearance of Endgame directors Anthony Russo and Joe is no exception to this rule. The inclusion of Endgame directors Joe and Russo and the Marvel president Feige will going to make the upcoming episode of the sitcom unforgettable.

The Simpsons have been running successfully over the thirty long years and still are gaining the appreciation and love of the fans. The show has become one of the best runs among the several TV shows and it is due to the ability of the show to remain up to date and relevant to the fans. The sitcom incorporates several changes affecting our day to day life due to pop culture beautifully and this has presented it successfully over the years. The show has presented several situations in a comical which produces laughs and entice the fans. However, some people were thinking that the show should come to its end as it is steadily declining in its quality but many of the people still enjoy the show with much enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, the release of Simpsons/Endgame parody will attract many people and is available to stream on Disney Plus looking forward to becoming a classic and iconic Simpson parody. The show is going on strongly even amidst the several issues and still entertaining the people.

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