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Hilary Duff Publicly Asks Disney to Move Lizzie Mcguire Revival to Hulu

“Lizzie McGuire Show Creator Wants The Revival on Hulu Not Disney Plus”

The famous actress and singer Hilary Duff has demanded to move her popular TV Show, Lizzie McGuire Revival, to Hulu instead of featuring it on Disney Plus. The actress has put on this demand through her Instagram, in which she posted that she is quite excited to launch the reboot of Lizzie McGuire on Disney Plus. However, she said it would be a dream come true moment if the subsequent show would appear on Hulu rather than Disney Plus. The post went viral immediately after being posted on 28 February 2020.

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The shocking demand has stunned numerous fans of Lizzie McGuire as well as Disney because it is really hard for Bob Chapek, the new CEO of Disney, to alter the decision in reference to the demand of actress. However, it seems out to be a pleasant request by Hilary Duff as her relations with Disney are quite affable. Disney was the one who provided her a chance to portray the popular Lizzie McGuire. Thus her career begins with the help of Disney.

The situation seems out to be quite positive as Disney intends to reboot the original TV Show, whereas Terri Minsky, the creator of Lizzie McGuire, also showed interest in showing the more mature life journey of Lizzie McGuire rather than her teenage. Terri, along with Hilary, both are hoping to create a new life of Lizzie McGuire that will depict an adult life. There are also rumors that a couple of episodes have already been created, and Disney suddenly altered its motive. Now Disney has decided to make a revival of a show that will again depict adolescence of Lizzie McGuire, and Terri Minsky has been removed from it.

Hilary Duff is not happy with Disney’s subsequent decision and has shown her desire through social media. Thus, she thinks that it would be much better to release the show on Hulu as it grants to feature adult content.  It won’t be the first time that Disney has altered its decision and more clearly stating that Hulu is created by them, just to release the adult-orientated content. In the case of Simon Series, Disney has altered its decision and released it on Hulu. So, now this special request of Hilary Duff can be easily fulfilled by them.

The silent fight between Hilary and Disney has not yet been appeared head to head, but Disney’s original motive of featuring content for children will not be changed. Alongside, Hilary Duff’s post has also shown her intention that the fight will definitely raise to a much greater extent in the future. However, now the fans of the popular TV show of the 90s; Lizzie Mcguire must be in excitation as well as in anticipation of what will be arriving for them.


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