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Teraflop (TFLOP): What is It and How it Works in Xbox Series X

You must have come across the term TFLOP whenever you are searching for a PC graphics card or the new gaming console Xbox Series X released by Microsoft. Now, Microsoft has announced that Xbox Series X has 12 teraflops of GPU performance which is double to that included in  Xbox One X and eight times the amount included in standard Xbox One. It was already speculated that that Xbox Series X will include the powerful teraflop as technical specifications but the news was confirmed by Phil Spencer in a news post who is the head of Xbox.

Teraflop (TFLOP) What is It and How it Works in Xbox Series X

In the news post, Phil Spencer confirmed the users about the inclusion of 12 teraflops of computing power in the gaming console Xbox Series X along with hardware RDNA 2 and the DirectX ray tracing support which will be hardware accelerated. According to the revelations made by Phil Spencer, an exceptional feature called Smart Delivery has also been included in the gaming consoles which allow the functioning of cross-generation games just like the Xbox One patches. Now, among all such features included in the Xbox series X gaming console, the users are quite curious to know about teraflops.

What is Teraflops?

In simple terms, teraflops are widely considered as the measurement to know about the performance capability of the graphics card. It often said that the inclusion of more number of teraflops will make the performance better. However, there are some nuances to this thumb rule which needed to be considered. A teraflop could be defined as the capability of a processor used in the devices to measure trillion floating-point operations in every per second. For example, if some device has 6 teraflops then it means the processor set up can calculate the floating points up to 6 trillion. In the same way, If Microsoft is rating the custom processor of its Xbox Series x at 12 teraflops, then it means that the processors used are capable to calculate 12 trillion floating points per second.

Is it Useful for Gaming?

Microsoft has revealed the inclusion of 12 teraflops in its Xbox Series X gaming console which is double than the 6 teraflops included in the previous gaming console and eight times more capable than the original Xbox One. It means the computational capabilities are much more improved than the previous gaming consoles. The gaming console has also been introduced having the feature of DirectX ray tracing along with the implementation of a custom algorithm used for variate rate shading. The feature of VRS is required for making the scenes in video games more impressive, lifelike and realistic.

The inclusion of 12 teraflops in the gaming console will give the players more immersive experience while playing the games as it requires a lot of capabilities of graphics to absorb, reflect or refract a light along with the gaming scenes.

The use of teraflops will not only give them real-world experiences while playing the game but also makes the performance of the video games much better. However, a lot of effects in improving the performance of a gaming console just beside teraflops including the speed of the CPU and performance of the SSDs but teraflops play an important role in improving the gaming quality.

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