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Five Best File Sharing Software and Tools in Windows 10

Whenever you want to share a large file, you only get a notification on your device as the data is too large to send through the attachment in an email. This is most inconvenient and frustrating when you are sending a large file.Therefore, in this article, we will show you some applications that can allow you to store your documents, files, photos, and video store.

Five Best File Sharing Software and Tools in Windows 10

1) Box

Box is an excellent file sharing service that allows users to share any files and documents from anywhere and keep the document. It can also allow the user to make the team mate that to connect with several users in one place and allowing the user to upload documents that show on every teammate and also allow them to edit documents.

When you share any presentation, photos, and links, then the recipient receives the file that you have a share in their browser. The personal plan of the Box application allows you to upload 250MB and allocated to 10GB for your storage.

Alternatively, box applications can file storage and sharing, and box also offers email messages and real-time updates that are easy to users to know the teammates uploading any important document or comment on the documents.

2) Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the excellent cloud storage applications that allow you to share files and documents. It can also sync support Linux, Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS.

Dropbox offers collaboration, which is an easy and convenient method to create a folder you wish to share and then add people you want to share it with. The shared folder will be shown in the Dropbox of all the team members that you have added and they can also edit, view, delete, and organized or delete the document and file.

3) Dropmark

Dropmark is one of the most straightforward tools that allow you to file sharing in the cloud and enable features to drop and drag functionally that can the user use to transfer documents and files from Computer to browser quickly. You can also invite your friends to organized data, view, and collaborate privately with shareable links.

This tool allows users to organize and shares files. You can also create a custom playlist via dragging video or audio from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and even from your PC.

4) Google Drive

Google Drive is a useable and accessible application used to transfer and share files from your storage to others via email. Google Drive is used worldwide and is one of the most popular applications for collaboration and sharing files to others. It allows you to make documents, presentation, and spreadsheets and share with any user that you wish to send. It also offers you real-time collaboration and permits you to view the change as appear on the screen.

Google drive also keeps you tracked that you make changes or create in the last 30 days. Google Drive is free for all the users and allows 15GB storage, if any user wants to upgrade user or want more storage then they need to pay for extra storage that starts as 100GB as $1.99 and for 10TB $99.99 per month.

5) WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a simple and convenient tool that can transfer large files and documents to others at once. You can quickly transfer you’re your large documents and files up to 10GB without and registrations.

Your chosen files are securely uploaded to the WeTransfer when you added the recipient details like their email and messages.

When your uploading finished, you have complete your process by tapping on the “Transfer” option. WeTransfer is available in the paid and free package, although you have only allowed 2GB for free.

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