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How to Force Balloon Spawns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Cherry Blossom Season of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is ceased to end in few days. Gamers across the globe have greeted the subsequent season a lot as it is a package of fun. Players who are short of cherry blossom recipes are now trying hard to attain some. Although it is tough now to grab all the recipes in minimal time with color balloons, it is easily possible. In the subsequent guide, we are going to discuss with the gamers a specific strategy to use force balloon spawns. The process is a bit complex, so it is suggested for the players to be aware while reading the guide.

How to Force Balloon Spawns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to Force Balloon Spawns

Before proceeding towards the guide to force balloon spawn, gamers first require to know about two vital things. The first things are a new balloon in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can spawn after every five minutes. However, gamers need to use the unique gimmick to make this thing works. The second one stated that players have to learn the fact of spawning of the balloon over the ocean at a specific time of 5 AM to 6 PM. Whereas it spawns on another side between 6 PM to 5 AM. Gamers should concreate over these two facts as they require to initiate the process of force balloon spawn.

Gamers can quickly start the process of ACNH balloon spawn by looking upon on which side it’s intended to spawn. Players, to begin this process, should initiate with finding a balloon. Once they find a balloon for themselves, then they need to know about the direction of its flying. Gamers need to find on which side their balloon is flying; if it moves from right to left, then their balloon is spawning on the island’s right side. If their balloon moves from left to right, then their balloon is spawning over the island’s left hand.

Once the gamers are pretty sure about the spawning direction of the balloon, then they should be aware of the time. The first factual rule of balloon spawning that says on the left side, balloon, will spawn between 5 am to 6 pm. Whereas on the right side, it spawns between 6 pm to 5 am. Gamers need to know about the current time in the clock and requires to go to the Cranny of Tim Nook right before few minutes of spawn time. Let us brief you about this with an illustrated example, imagine you wish to spawn the balloon at 4:30 pm, then you need to visit the Cranny of Tim Nook just two minutes before; 4:28 pm.

Once the gamers successfully visited inside the Cranny of Tim Nook, then they need to start buying the following item through any dialogue. Keep saying the dialogue until you exit the Cranny. After that, gamers require to head straight to the spawning area of the balloon, the beach area. Players need to simply walk to the balloon at a specific time and access it into it. In case the process gets interrupted as it often does, then the gamers should not worry and repeat the process.

Several gamers are stating that they are restarting their Animal Crossing: New. Horizons game to get its balloon spawn gimmick. However, we are not aware of that type of trick. Maybe it works, or perhaps it won’t. But through this one, gamers will spawn the balloon as well as collect all the cherry blossom recipes.


Nintendo has stunned everyone after launching a new generation Animal Crossing. The game is acquiring positive reviews from all over the world due to its various unique aspects, including crafting different structures over the island. The cherry blossom season will be wrapped up in forthcoming days, let us wait and see what new striking season or event will Nintendo bring for us as a replacement of it.

The gamers who are willing to obtain the gaming experience of Animal Crossing: New Horizons can play it on Nintendo Switch.

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