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Google Introduces Stadia with Free Two Month Pro Trial

In these ongoing tribulations, where every time you hear about death, infection and deadly diseases, we have good news for you. Recently Google announced that it is releasing the free version for its game streaming platform know as Stadia. From now on every Gmail user will be able to access the Stadia by signing up on the service. Even you can access the Stadia Pro with two months trial.

It releases two months after Google pledged a free version of the service was about to launch, and it does mean now you will be able to play 9 games be it Destiny 2: The CollectionGRID and other games free of cost.

Google Introduces Stadia with Free Two Month Pro Trial

If you have already purchased the Pro version of the service then you might be regretting the purchase. Here’s good news again: Existing Stadia Pro users will get the 2 months of the service without paying a single penny as well. This means for the next 2 months you don’t need to pay anything to access the Pro service.

However, the Google Stadia Pro free trial will be available to only 14 countries and users would be able to purchase and keep games on it. After the Two-Months Free Trail ends for the Stadia Pro, the gaming channel would return to its initial free stage that has 1080P max resolution at 60 FPS and stereo audio.

Google is currently optimizing its Stadia to house the entry for new users. Google’s Stadia chief Phil Harrison explains that they are working on Stadia to lower down its 4K resolution to 1080P so that the load on the internet can be neutralized. Due to the sudden arrival of new users on the service, the load on servers and the internet can reach too high but lowering down a resolution from 4K to 1080 can help a lot.

Most of the Stadia users won’t see much difference in the gaming video quality especially the computer users, but users will be allowed to select the data usage options in the application. In case you are willing to play the awesome video games at your home for free then instantly sign up for the free gaming service offered by Google Stadia on the official website.

For some reasons there could be a bit delay in making the service available, but according to the Google statement the service has now started and you need to wait anymore. Just power up your computer and jump on the Stadia site to sign up for the free gaming service.  Even you can go for the Pro service. Before playing or installing a game check your system requirements and see if your device meets its requirement.

For better gaming experience you can arrange a powered audio system instead of the mere built-in speakers comes along with a computer. You should also make sure to use a joystick or gaming controller while playing the games to get the ultimate experience. If possible, you can use the Dual Shocks Controller of PS4 or the Microsoft Xbox Controllers with your PC or Mac.

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