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Regal Cinemas Shutting Down All US Theatres Until Further Notice

According to Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter, the second-largest theater chain in the US, Regal Cinemas will close its all movie theatres all across the country. Regal Cinemas has almost 543 theaters operational all across the country at the moment, which will be closed from March 17 until further notice. The move has been taken by Regal Cinemas to close its theatres following the guidelines issued by the White House, which restricted the gatherings of more than ten people. President Donald Trump, while acknowledging the gravity of the widely spread pandemic, release strict guidelines to the people.

Fans Line Up To Watch "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" In New York City

The instructions by the White House were released to limit the gathering and interaction of people at any place in more numbers. If the communications and mass of the people could be restricted in the public areas, then it will be immensely helpful in slowing down the health outbreak in the coming weeks all across the country. President Donald Trump at a news conference said that if the people follow the guidelines by avoiding gathering at the public places and drinking and eating at restaurants, food courts, and bars, then it will surely slow down the reach of the health issues. He further mentioned at the news conference that the pandemic had killed thousands of people all across the globe, and the world markets have been set off to a plunge. It seems that the economy of the US can run into the recession due to the pandemic, and the current scenario may last until July or August of this year. Amidst all, President Rump instructed the people to remain careful and avoid the gatherings anywhere, whether school, home, college, etc.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Cineworld, who owned Regal, Mooky Greidinger, has said that it’s the responsibility of Regal Cinemas to provide a healthy and safe environment to its employees, guests, and consumers. He further noted that Regal Cinemas had taken the difficult decision to close its theatres all across the country to value the lives of the movie-loving consumers. Meanwhile, a wave of cinema chains announcing the closures of their theatres started coming after the White House guidelines. The other cinema chains which declared the shutting down includes National Amusements, which owns Showcase cinema theatres in New York, Rhode Island, and Ohio, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. National amusements have announced that it closed its theatres from Monday and expected that the operations would be soon resumed by April 7.

The largest independent chain operational in 27 markets with 49 theatres, Landmark Theatres, has also declared that it will close its operations from Monday. However, Universal will release some movies which areas $20 rentals currently in the cinemas from Friday. Still, the release dates of some notable film such as F9, No Time to Die, the latest movie of James Bond and Mulan has been postponed. The largest cinema circuit of Us with 1,00 locations and 11,00 screens all across the US, AMC Theatres, will keep its theatres open but limit the gathering of people not more than 50. The movies which will be released by NBC universal include The hunt and The invisible man.


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