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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Digital Gets an Early Release

“Disney+ Surprisingly Releases Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”

After Frozen 2, Disney+ has released the latest part of the Star Wars franchise, The Rise of Skywalker. The release was initially planned to arrive in the initial week of April, but due to on-going circumstances in the world, they released Skywalker a few weeks early in the USA. However, the release has been anticipated by the fans after they received the early release of Frozen 2.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Digital Gets an Early Release

The major credit to this decision goes to the major outbreak that has led everyone to dwell at their home. The movie has been set up at a price of 20$ for purchasing it on 1080p while the price for buying a 4K HD version will cost the users around 25$ in the USA, whereas AU$40 in Australia and £20 in Europe. Including, there is also a documentary on The Skywalker Legacy available to see the making of the film alongside there are desert scenes of the movie also available. The documentary will also brief the users about the making of droids and creatures. The film contains more than 580 creatures, so it would be interesting to see how they crafted them.

The users can easily rent out the digital edition that is available on Bly-ray, Ultra 4k HD versions, and DVD. Although the cost of renting it hasn’t declared yet, apparently it would be set some way around to 24.99$. The digital edition will be released on April 13 in the UK at an assumed price of 24.99$ for 4K, 9$ for DVD, and Blu-ray print will cost the users around 14$. The digital release of the film has also concerned about its wealthy users, and thus, there is a 250$ 4K UHD box of Skywalker Saga available to purchase from Best Buy. The box is comprised of all 9 movies of the franchise alongside a Death Star Box, which is a Concept Art Book, alongside a letter full of greetings from Mark Hamil.

Besides, the users who intend to watch the film through streaming services can watch all parts of Star Wars on Disney Plus. Alongside, there is also Frozen 2 available on Disney Plus, which is also the latest film. All these films are available on Disney Plus on 4K print, and soon, they are going to be released on Netflix too. After the release of The Irishman, Netflix didn’t stun us through an early release of the film, whereas Disney Plus, who has consecutively released too latest films.

The initiative of Disney Plus is favoring it in enhancing the market of it, thus this improvement would definitely trigger its rivals. So, it is clearly visible that in upcoming days we are definitely going to witness more early release of the film. Till then, we all need to wait and see what’s a new film and TV shows will arrive on Disney Plus or Netflix.


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