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PUBG PC Adds New Rocket Launcher Weapon

Player Unknown’s Battleground is one of the most popular battle royale games along with Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. After all, these years of release, PUBG PC has still maintained its hype and popularity even amidst the games like Fortnite and newly released Call of Duty: Warzone. PUBG recently released their new update, where they have added The Panzerfaust rocket launcher in the game. In the PC servers, this new update is live, and players can play it by updating the game.

PUBG PC Adds New Rocket Launcher Weapon

Its season 6 of PUBG and in this season The Panzerfaust showed up that has a range of 150 meters. In order to get this deadly weapon, players need to play in the Karakin map, although it only added to this particular map. The damaging area of a rocket launcher is a 6-meter area of radius, which is a huge area for killing and destroying anything. It fires slowly, yet the area of damage will not let any enemy run from it after shooting once. In the video of PUBG, they have shown that it is capable of making a hole in the wall.

This deadly weapon is uncommon and only available through airdrops. Imagine from its damages of one shot on the wall it is truly a great weapon to use. However, using it is not that easy because it takes time to make a perfect aim. If you are looking to using The Panzerfaust, it will take the primary slot of your weapon, which is hard to aim. Even if your aim is not as good as the gun, your attack from The Panzerfaust would be dangerous. While shooting with The Panzerfaust, there is one thing players have to keep in mind that its backblast is quite powerful, which is 3 meters. So if your teammate is behind The Panzerfaust within the range of 3 meters, then he/she will be knocked out as well.

New Improved Update in M249, UMP-45 and Tommy Gun

You need to be careful while using The Panzerfaust, and it’s not that easy to use as it looks. Apart from these things, PUBG has added several more things in the game, which is regarding the M249 gun. The gun M249 is now in the semi-rare category of guns that can be found in any area of Miramar or Erangel instead of the airdrop. Now so it’s not totally a rare gun, PUBG has decided to balance the game by changing the ammo to 75 and damage to 40. The recoil rate of M249 increased, but if you are thinking of ammo then, you can increase its capacity by attaching extended mag.

On the other of M249, game developers have made some changes in Tommy Gun, but positively. Players who play with Tommy gun would be happy with new updated Tommy gun because now it supports red dot and halo sighs with higher fire rate alongside a decrease of recoil rate. These newly added things in Tommy Gun have made it advance, and hopefully, now players will not feel insecure by using it.

UMP-45 also got some updates where its boost damage is now 41 with an improved fire rate. UMP-45 is one of the most loved SMG guns, and PUBG has done great things to provide an update of this amazing gun. However, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is available in Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Android, and iOS, but this new patch 6.3 only available in the PC servers.

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