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Halo Reach: List of PC Launch Issues and Bugs

Recently, Microsoft has released the Halo Master Chief Collection for PC and it is an instant hit. In the Halo PC version, Bungie has offered lots of exciting elements and pushed to 4K graphics. However, with the impressive return to the Classic 2010 version of Halo, some gamers are facing a range of audio, graphical, and gameplay issues along with bugs as well. So, here are some of the prominent problems that are surfacing from the launch day.

Halo Reach: List of PC Launch Issues and Bugs

PC Freezing and Crashing in Halo Reach:

There may be the possibility of freezing or crashing with any PC release. Numerous reports that players are encountering the problems during start-up, with a solution likely needed to overcome any other possible conflicts.

PC Screen Tearing:

The game in the computer may exhibit screen tearing, apart from V-Sync and other anti-tearing solutions. The outcome of the latest frames in two separate pictures and pushed your display to mid-refresh. Besides that, there are other various consumers report on massive screen tearing across tons of PC setups.

Crouch Issue while Moving:

 As we know, Halo: Reach restricts gamers using crouch feature while moving the character. For that, you need to stand still and then tap on the crouch key. So, it is not clear yet that this a design or a bug in the game.

Other Miscellaneous Bugs:

The system audio will transmit the default audio input device when the capture care is designated.

While utilizing the Bluetooth headphones in the game, gamers may lose audio after heading to the Main menu. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and offered a simple solution to such an issue.

ONI – Sword Base, not Loading:

Halo: Reach second playable challenge, i.e., ONI – sword base not loading that won’t sometimes load for a few gamers. Microsoft also acknowledges this issue, and it appears to be affecting some unlucky Windows users.

Miscellaneous Campaign Problems:

During the multiplayer mode, go into an elevator may trigger an unintended animation falling. After completion of an assassination, the character models may desync temporarily.

Campaign Co-op Input Lag:

Numerous connected players are encountering extreme input lag during cooperative multiplayer campaign sessions.

Missing or Corrupted Language Packs:

Halo: Reach may not automatically install language packs as it is launched in Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, or Chinese via Steam. So, this problem may occur while installing the game on your PC.

Steam Friends do not Display in Halo Reach:

The game would not display steam friends in the PC through in-game roster unless added on Xbox Live. However, players can join the Steam friends using the Steam client as compared to the in-game menu option.

Fails to unlock in-game Achievements:

Gamers are unable to access Halo Reach Steam’s achievements after accomplishing the milestones.

Microsoft Store Install Breaks after Uninstalling Halo Reach:

Uninstalling the steam version will cause a problem by eradicating the Easy anti-cheat client automatically. This problem only occurs if you have installed the game through the Microsoft Store alongside the steam version. If you are encountering such a problem, then it is recommended that to the Microsoft store for uninstalling and downloading the game again.



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