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Peter Sarsgaard might Play Two-Face in The Batman 2021

Matt Reeves, the director of the upcoming movie The Batman, has revealed that Peter Sarsgaard has joined the cast of his upcoming DC film. According to the rumors, it is possible that he might play the role of  Two-Face. Warner Bros. and DCEU’s new solo Batman movie is going to start in a few days.

The original star was Ben Affleck in The Batman, but due to some reasons, the role of Batman was handed to Robert Pattinson. Ben Affleck was also responsible for directing, producing, and writing the movie, but later, Reeves was chosen as the director. According to Matt, the new solo movie is going to be a reboot for The Dark Knight where Robert Pattinson will be portrayed as the billionaire Bruce Wayne aka Batman.

Peter Sarsgaard might Play Two-Face in The Batman 2021

The movie plot and story has uncovered that the Caped Crusader Robert Pattinson will face many original comic villains of Batman in the movie. The comic character Selina Kyle’s alter-ego Catwoman will be played by actress Selina Kyle. Colin Farrell will portray a DC comic character named Penguin aka Oswald Cobblepot in the upcoming movie.

Besides these side villains, Paul Dano will play the role of the main villain Edward Nashton’s alter-ego Riddler in the forthcoming film. These actors were recruited a few weeks ago for the movie cast, but recently one more actor is recruited in the movie, and the director Reeves itself has revealed the name of the actor.

On a recent Twitter post, Reeves officially stated that Sarsgaard is recruited in The Batman cast. However, it is still unclear what character he is going to play in the upcoming movie. There are some fan theories that he may play the role of Deputy Commissioner Peter Grogan because the character’s name fits his own name. However, the report of the Hollywood Report shows that he might be chosen for the role of a corrupt police officer known as Wasserman.

The reporter also tells that he could also play the role of a district attorney. Those theories are not confirmed and just are speculated possibilities, and what we officially know yet is the Reeves tweet. Do you know that Peter Sarsgaard also played a DC character role in the Green Lantern movie? He was portrayed as Hector Hammond, a supervillain in DC comics and the main villain of Green Lantern.

There are several other speculations and opinions for the cast of Peter Sarsgaard for the Batman movie. Many say that if he plays as Leah Wasserman, then it would be a perfect role for him. Leah Wasserman or Mindboggler is a supervillain in DC comics who possess superhuman powers, such as creating illusions.

It can be possible that Sarsgaard wanted to play the comic character, which was uncovered and uncommon among DC fans or he might also play the role of Two-Face in the upcoming Batman movie, as this theory seems better than any other theories.

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