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Top Half-Life: Alyx Tips to Survive and Succeed in City 17

Half-Life: Alyx is rolling in the gaming industry with an all-new gaming the concept with the help of VR setups. Half-Life: Alyx is a long awaited game that is compatible with VR setups, and there are some specific setups that are compatible with it. The most exciting thing about Half-Life: Alyx is that even though it comes with a new type of gaming concept, it does not require any high specs system requirement to play it. It’s a virtual game, but the struggle that players will face in the game will be real.

Top Half-Life: Alyx Tips to Survive and Succeed in City 17

So now, if you are entered into the virtual world advanced world of technology, there are some vital tips about Half-Life: Alyx that you need to know in order to progress. In the city 17, things are some things that are not right, and some are not easy, and that is why there are some excellent suggestions and tips that you can wear to succeed in the game.

Tips to Survive and Thrive in Half-Life: Alyx

Don’t Misuse Bullets by Shooting on Barnacles and Boxes Ammo will be one the primary reason for your survival, and that is why you don’t need to misuse or waste any unnecessary objects like boxes. In the game levels you will see several boxes on your path and also barnacle enemies, but the only the thing you need to do is avoid or ignore them to save the quantity of bullets. The barnacles enemies show up at the beginning of the game, and they don’t do anything; in fact, you can distract them just by throwing a soda bottle, laundry detergent, or any explosive gas near of them.

Upgrade the Capacity of Ammos in Gun

To keep your survival going longer, you need to save your bullets, but more than that, you also need to upgrade the capacity and auto reloaded speed of your shotgun. You can use other guns that could have your resin that found so hard. Most of the time, you don’t need to shoot in the game, but having a bigger capacity is also important.

Be Creative in Defusing the Tripwire

Completionists will grant you missions where you need to defuse the tripwire. Defusing is not a bad deal, but some of the tripwires are located near the explosives. In that condition, you need to be more creative in saving your time, with the help of chairs. You need to throw the chairs through the beam, but remember to stay away from the area. You can also lead your enemies in the area to make your task complete. It might get a little cruel on the enemies, but for saving time, you can try this way.

Get Back to the Health Station

Players love this thing of the game, and you will definitely love it too that you can recover your heath again and again by coming at health station to drink entire grub juice. You can charge up again by just reaching at there and drink up as much you want. The room of restoring health is only two-three roomsback, and while fighting with, you can keep yourself close to the room.

Change Your Vision of Using the Puzzles

In the game there areseveral useful mini-games, the lock, the matching and the guide or key of the glowing light. You need to change your physical position. To make the puzzle much more accessible, you need to stand up or crouch down when you don’t understand the puzzle. All you have to do some squats to make gain accomplishment, and it worth it.

Make Stockpiles

In, your pockets will probably full of health items and grenades, and in the battle, you can get some shining prize, but for that, you need to empty your pockets. After you enter the area where you can get more health and grenades, then you have to leave all behind what you already have in the pocket. You can drop things in some safe area, and your items will be safe. Once you finish the battle, you can again full your pockets by defeating any combine soldiers.


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