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Westworld Season 3 Trailers Hidden in HBO’s Dystopian Website

“Westworld Theme Based Website Concealed Two Season 3Trailers”

The controversial dystopian culture-based Show; Westworld has arrived again with an all-new Season. After facing criticism, the show officials along with HBO has created multiple trailers for the forthcoming Season 3 of the Westworld. Alongside, HBO created a similar dystopian theme-based website to reveal these trailers to the fans. However, their gimmick turned back against them as there was quite a low response by the fans and showbiz audience. The prior reason was innovative of concealing these trailers in a maze that leads to a lot of intricacy for the fans to unveil or locate them.

Westworld Season 3 Trailers Hidden in HBO's Dystopian Website

Fortunately, a Reddit user revealed those trailers that came out to be stunning ones. The Reddit user’s name is u/MTC_Chickpea (via Gizmodo), and he stated that he found the trailer from an official site of Westworld that is known as Incite. The site was hidden since November 2019, and any appropriate cause behind it is not yet been proclaimed or rumored by anyone.

Talking about the trailers, this time, the Westworld has been altered a lot. All these trailers clearly reveal that alongside now the Westworld and its inhabitants, aka Androids have seen roaming outside the subsequent themed park. u/MTC_Chickpea adds in its statement that ” it was quite hard to reach to those trailers as whenever I tried to go on the privacy Act tab of Incite. When he finally manages to go further into Incite, he encountered various fake videos, and he keeps on playing those videos. Following the numerous replays, the process conceived a lot of time, and thus, u/MTC_Chickpea finally managed to find the official trailers in the suggested video section.

The suggestion leads u/MTC_Chickpea to several trailers that include three unlisted trailers of Westworld. Most of the unlisted ones are either remix or copy of official trailer; however, there were two trailers that includes a bit of extra glimpse alongside voiceover of Caleb, Dolores, and Maeve. In addition, the trailers have been mismatched by unknown figures, and that leads to a bit of confusion for the fans.

The beginning of the confusion drawn from the house of Westworld official and later it turned out to rose to a much greater extent by favor of bad elements. However, we are still not sure that maybe this all would be a pre-plan of HBO and Westworld team to create hype for the Season before its release. We are still not pretty sure about what actually happened, but we can clearly state the fact that u/MTC_Chickpea obliged is a real fan of the series, and if he did all this just for his excitation, then he is also a Real Hero for Westworld.

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