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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Best Byleth Tips and Tricks

Bandai’s new character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, i.e., Byleth, has joined the ranks of the game on Tuesday. There are lots of game’s most exceptional users who were quick to call the exclusive sword-wielder “doo-doo.” Conversely, it is a very daunting and intimidating task to master such fascinating Byleth character truly. It has some glaring issue hidden beneath his immense arsenal that you need to consider.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Best Byleth Tips and Tricks

Understanding Byleth’s respective merits and demerits will help the challenge of dominating the Three Houses diplomat and shows the right path to become successful with the character. This guild will offer Byleth’s tips and give details about the weaknesses and strengths of every weapon in his arsenal.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Guide for Byleth’s Tilt Attacks

One of the best techniques in any Super Smash character’s tool kits is their strong tilt attacks. These moves are performed by slightly changing the position of the control stick in a specific direction then tapping the A button on the console.

In Byleth’s case, the tilt attacks play an essential role in his success, and three of his tilts are forwards. When utilized, he/she will swing the sword in a downwards angle. This move has a decent range and creates a better poke when playing footsies with an enemy.  Although it also has little combination app utilizing this attack to keep the enemy at bay is its main priority.

This character’s up tilt performs a strong upward swing of the short sword, and it will your main anti-air attack in several situations. Its long reach doubled with its wide arcs that cover almost every angle and creates a beneficial up tilt attack. Well, it is one of the Byleth’s great combo starter that you can use to eliminate enemies quite conveniently. Using Byleth’s up tilt to keep opponents from landing from the sky alongside the solid juggle to start few high damage moves.

Moving on to his down tilt attack, it is also a solid combination starter, allowing killing opponents using a well-timed aerial attack or dash attack follow up. This attack also has a considerable range and uses a whip-shaped weapon to sweep at the opponent’s feet. However, the down tilt is slightly slower as compared to other tilt above attacks. Besides that, it is sometimes helpful to neutralize incomings attack from a group of enemies and will lead towards success easily.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Guide for Byleth’s Smash Attacks

In the game, Byleth provides three very strong smash attacks. These attacks offer an immense range that allows gamers to eliminate opponents from a distance. Firstly, the forward smash is the best example of Byleth’s ludicrous range. Hosting a lunging spear move, this attack can seal an elimination at a relatively lower percentage, given its vast range. This technique can be angled upwards or downwards by using the control stick in a certain angle after using the attack. With this, you can easily cover enemies attempting to rush or hanging off of the edge effortlessly.

Moving on to the up smash is a strong whip-like move that covers over her/ his head directly. The attack is alike to Richter or Simon’s up tilt and is decent at stopping opponents approaching from the sky. Conversely, the technique is considerably slightly slow, so using up tilt as an anti-air attack over his up smash.

The last smash move given in Byleth’s arsenal is his strong down smash. This attack has a vast range and can also grab enemies hanging onto the ledge. However, it is one of the slowest moves, so players should use it sparingly. Plus, Byleth’s down smashing is the attack with the most severe damage and can eliminate opponents at unexpectedly low percentages. This will be doubled with its coverage of both Byleth sides and make the technique a strong weapon for the long-range focused gameplay.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Byleth’s Special Moves

The newest character possesses four influential and long-range moves. With the addition of such amazing moves, it will make his already strong arsenal of neutral weapons a nightmare. The first Byleth’s special move is an arrow shot attack that players can hold down and unleash an immense 30% charged damaging attack. Make sure to be wary as any smart enemy can easily avoid such a charged attack. Also, this attack utility lies in its influential cancelling abilities. A gamer can cancel out of this attack by tapping either shield or jump to negate the charge and start the inputted action. It is a better option to use when your opponent jumps to avoid damage from arrows in the battle.

Another special move is a dashing slash attack that covers a decent area and can be utilized to create vertical recoveries off stage. This technique should not be utilized with reckless abandoned, considering its long recovery period if you miss. In case you successfully connect; conversely, it dishes a huge amount of damage to your enemy.  The last unusual move is a long-range grappling hook style attack that one can get onto the ledge.

This technique has an exceptional range, being able to cover the leg from the screen space bottom. In the game, the addition of a special move makes Byleth a very strong character, allowing him to accomplish challenges that other characters could not. At last, make sure to utilize the Byleth technique properly and walk on the right path successfully.

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