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Polarized Fractaline: How to Farm & Why to Donate It

Destiny 2 has released a new update under the “Empyrean Foundation.” It can provide you rewards by donating the Polarized Fractaline.

The Empyrean Foundation event in the game started on February the 4th. It is just introduced five weeks before the first season “Season of Dawn” come to an end. There is speculation that this event will lead the game to the next season, “Season of Worthy.” If this is true, then it will be like the season-ending of “Season of Undying,” which is led by the Trials of Osiris. There is some speculation that it would be like the event of Mars Hive-Strompoing.

Polarized Fractaline: How to Farm & Why to Donate It

Intro of the Empyrean Foundation

As mentioned above, it can be the final run of the “Season of Dawn.” As per the blog of Bungie, Saint 14 will request others to contribute to the reconstruction of Beacon, which is going to be the foundation of “Season of Worthy.” In the Season of Worthy, the tower of Obelisk will be the focal point. So you have to unlock this because if you don’t, you can’t enter the tower. Opening the tower can be used as the farming location of Fractaline with natural resources.

Farming Methods of Polarized Fractaline

In this event, you can donate the polarized fractaline for the weapon bounties. It can end very quickly if you keep donating and then fractaline will end from your collection. So, you are going to require the amount in the gaming collection.

Generally, you can collect the Fractaline by completing the daily bounties of Saint-14, weekly bounty of Obelisk all around this solar system, completing the activities on the playlist, and season’s triumphs. These completed activities benefit your character in the game by gaining any kind of stuff and weapons. These collected Fractaline also depend on the sources, which will play a significant part shortly. There should be announced that there will be some new sources in the game too in the Tower Obelisk.

After starting the release of the Empyrean Foundation, in the season of Dawn, there will be a reward distribution weekly in the form of Polarized Fractaline. The primary reward limit can be increased if you upgrade all the four obelisks. So, I will advise you not to donate the fractaline until it maxes out in every obelisk. Following this advice will make you able to take all the benefits of the Obelisks for the complete season. Updating will increase the weekly payout limit from that tower.

The rewards of Polarized Fractaline’s Donation

There are other reasons than just the transition between the two stages. Other than the quick bounty completions, players also can receive some more rewards on completing a certain amount of the milestone donation.

When you donate the 5,000 Fractaline, then you are going to get the seasonal triumph and an emblem.

In addition to that, the creator of this game, Bungie, has created several communities (7 to be exact), to donate and help to achieve the milestones. Till now, only three have revealed. There is speculation that the fourth and last one can be lofty. After reaching completing the final task, you can have a special shader, no matter what, how much the transaction took place.



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