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GTA 5: Location to Perform Car Jumps at Los Santos

If you are trying to earn money in the GTA Online, then performing stunts can help you earn it very simply. These stunt locations in Los Santos are mentioned here. 

GTA is the gaming series where players like us can fulfill our dreams and fantasy. GTA 5 has a lot of locations where you can earn money through extraordinary stunts. So, reach you have to go to the starting points of these locations and do the stunt. GTA camera view will automatically trigger the slow-motion of that stunt, after watching try to keep the vehicle balanced and land safely to complete the stunt successfully.

GTA 5: Location to Perform Car Jumps at Los Santos

There are some subtle stunt location which can be missed by players if they are going in the same direction.

North Los Santos

  1. You have to head down of steep road of the hill, which leads to the north side of the road and ready to jump and then land safely.
  2. You need to go to Vinewood Hills. There you have to house Mad Wayne Thunder Dr. with barriers located on the right side.
  3. Head to the Golf Course at Los Santos. Then go to a small bridge, which is located in the southeast. After reaching there, perform the stunt (the preferred vehicle is a golf cart).
  4. Reach to the Rockford Hills, then head towards the west side of the subway entrance. Start driving on the ramp upwards to the right location “entrance” for the stunt and then fly over the entrance of the subway. Land safely on the street located on another side to consider the stunt successful.
  5. This location is at the corner of Boulevard Del Perro and Milton Rd. You will find a large building with a narrow opening. Now you have to drive through the land of the street on another side. Then successfully perform the stunt and to make it infinitely easier, you should have a motorcycle.
  6. You have to head west side of Atla St. then you should go to the upper ramp situated Rockford Plaza. After reaching there, jump from the curve to get yourself outside.
  7. You have to go through the Jetty building, which is at the top of that hill. So jump over the north side of Del Perro Beach then try to land on gas station safely.
  8. You have to go to West Bay City Ave. Then you have to go to the left side of the grass-covered area through the left side of the orange poles. So you have to keep going until you reach the ramp and perform the jump to land safely on freeway.
  9. Now you have to look for the ramp near the ground of the freeway Del Perro. After spotting it, you have to jump off that ramp and try to land on another side of that freeway. You have to care about the traffic.
  10. You have to find this ramp located beside the building Arcadius, which faces the west side of the overpass of Del Perro.
  11. To perform the stunt, you have to go to the right side of the entrance of the Pillbox hospital. It is the bike stunt, so you have to use the motorcycle or other skills of franklin and break the small railing to squeeze.

Southeast Los Santos

  1. This stunt location is situated in the oil field and scrap-yard. To reach there, you have to go to the top of the cliff, which is near to the pipeline. Launch yourself and try to land without any harm to yourself and complete the jump.
  2. At this stunt location Little Big Horn Ave, you have to cross the bridge through the garment factory at Lester. Then you will find a boat shop on the south side of the factory. Go to the parking lot; here you will find the ramp colored green, from which you will launch yourself and try to land safely on the freeway to complete the task.
  3. To reach this stunt location, you have to drive to the south of the dockyard and travel towards the west. At last, you will find the ramp there. Now jump from it and try to land safely on the solid land on another side of that water body.
  4. To reach this stunt location, you have to come to the corner of MacDonald St. Then you have to find the parking garage along with the train tracks. Now reach to the top floor, then launch yourself from a wooden ramp and land on the street below.
  5. For this location, you have to reach the ramp of the 3rd-floor parking garage of the Medical Center, which is on the south of the parking floor. Then you have to launch yourself from it and land safely on the street to complete it successfully.
  6. You have to go down the parking of Chum St. which is on the north side of a plant. There you can find a ramp at the east end of the dirt pile. To perform this stunt, you need to drive fast off on this dirt pile and try to land over the bridge. It will be easier if you use the motorbike, on the other hand, using the car for this task, will misbalance your ride every time. To count this jump as successful, you have to land at the first set of arrows marked on the bridge.
  7. This is located inside the Coke Storage of Bristol. There is more than one jumps to perform. One of them is located on the east side. You have to jump from the ramp situated on a trailer and try to land on the rooftop of the building. For this, you should have a fast car.
  8. This stunt location is on the north side of the previous ramp. Go there, and you will find another ramp with the trailer. Start the car and achieve high speed and try to land on a parking lot located on another side of the water body.
  9. On the east of the previous jump, you will find the trailer ramp from where you have to perform the stunt and land safely to succeed.

These stunts in the game give you fix the amount of the gaming currency, which can be used to buy a car and other accessories in the game.

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