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How To Change File Association In Windows?

Open files conveniently

It is common for Windows to open particular files in the wrong program. If you are going through the same issue, then there is nothing to get worried about. There is generally a simple option of doing a right-click on the file that you want to launch with a particular application and selecting the Open with option. Although, it might be irritating to do that extra step whenever you launch the file you require.

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Over here, you will get to know the method of modifying the default applications in Windows 10 with the file type. 

Use the Settings application

  1. Firstly, enter the combination of the Windows+X button on your keyboard.
  2. Then, choose Settings from the menu.
  3. After that, press on Apps from the options.
  4. Next, move to the left-hand side of the screen menu.
  5. Then, tap on Default Apps.
  6. After that, go to the right-hand side of the screen and move downwards.
  7. Next, tap on ‘Choose default apps by file type’ option.
  8. Then, go through the list till you get the file type for which you wish to change the association for. For changing its default application, you need to press on the + symbol to its right.
  9. After that, choose the likely application from the given list. If it is not present, then tap on the ‘Look for an app in the Microsoft Store’ option.

Reset every default applications in Windows 10

  1. Firstly, tap on the Windows+S button.
  2. Then, write Settings into the search bar.
  3. After that, press on Enter.
  4. Next, choose Apps from the options.
  5. Then, move to the left-hand side of the screen.
  6. After that, tap on Default Apps.
  7. Next, go to the right-hand side of the screen.
  8. Then, move downwards till you are able to view the Reset option.
  9. Lastly, tap on the Reset option for using the in-built applications as the defaults for each of the file types.

Set defaults apps in Windows XP

  1. Firstly, tap on the Start option.
  2. Next, tap on Control Panel.
  3. After that, ensure that you need to be on the Category View.
  4. Then, go to the end of the window and choose Folder Options.
  5. Next, visit the File Types option.
  6. After that, see the registered file types till you get the file extension that you wish handling.
  7. Then, choose the extension for highlighting it.
  8. Next, go to the end part and press on Change.
  9. After that, see the Open With the screen and choose the default application for the file type.
  10. If you did not get the likely program, then go for the ‘Select the program from a list’ option.
  11. Lastly, tap on OK.

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