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Fixed: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package

Installing the application is a vital part of a device for running a program to perform various tasks, but while installing the application on your device, sometimes the system flashes Windows Installer package error in various forms. This error usually comes with the error “There is a problem with Windows Installer Package,” which is amongContinue reading “Fixed: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package”

How to Fix Error Code 1935 on Windows?

Windows 1935 error code can be triggered when a user tries to install a program but it fails because some requirements of the application cannot be completed. This error prevents a program to be installed successfully on your computer.  Due to this error code, you can’t use the software you wanted to run on yourContinue reading “How to Fix Error Code 1935 on Windows?”

How To Change File Association In Windows?

Open files conveniently It is common for Windows to open particular files in the wrong program. If you are going through the same issue, then there is nothing to get worried about. There is generally a simple option of doing a right-click on the file that you want to launch with a particular application andContinue reading “How To Change File Association In Windows?”

How to Enable AutoRecover to Get Deleted Spreadsheet Back in Excel

Don’t want to lose a document that you’ve created in hours or with collaboration? Losing a completely created spreadsheet is even worse than spending hours in making it. There are many things, which can land you into this trouble. You may lose your document because of system freeze, power outage, application crashes, etc. Possibly noContinue reading “How to Enable AutoRecover to Get Deleted Spreadsheet Back in Excel”

How to create PDF files on Mac and Windows

Basically, the PDF file is used for sharing your ideas and documents. You can easily view PDf files because Adobe Reader already comes inbuilt with  most computers. PDF files are easy to create, and completely searchable. They are easy to read on your mobile, and come with password protection also. So, here are some stepsContinue reading “How to create PDF files on Mac and Windows”

How to Share Data between Windows and Android device for free

Sharing files from an Android Smartphone to a Windows computer, or vice versa was a tricky affair earlier. You had to connect your Android device with your PC through a USB cable, look for the files in the device storage, and then copy them with the hope that nothing goes wrong in the process. Also,Continue reading “How to Share Data between Windows and Android device for free”