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Top 5 Apps for Chromebook

The misunderstanding about the Chromebooks is that it provides the browsing facility and the fundamental features for the lower priced tag. The functionality of the Chromebook can be extended with the help of Chromebooks applications. Some of those apps are developed by the third party, and some of the apps are of free of cost. Some apps for Chromebook are listed below:

Top 5 Apps for Chromebook

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop App

It is a popular app present in the Web Store. It allows you to access any PCs by using the web browser of Google or vice-versa. This application is easy-to-use to offer the supporting system to friends and family. You can also access the files and folders present in your system through the remote place. It provides the feature of cross-platform, providing safe access to the users of the operating system of Chrome, Linux, and Windows along with the Google Chrome web browser. The connection, while taking the long session, might be trembling.

  1. DocuSign App

It helps to configure the files for signing. You can specify the positions which need the sign, and you can share it via the email address of the receiver. With just a few hits, you can perform the file or document and share it. This app allows you to recognize that at what time it has been seen and signed. In case you share above the three files with signature then it will demand a fee. It makes things simpler even in the non-technical case.

  1. Spotify App

The huge library of music tracks is given in this app named as Spotify. This library comprises of the titles, songs along with the genre, name of albums and artists etc. It can transform the Chromebook into collections of sound beats where you can sing along with the darling track. Its speciality lies in its augmented search engine which can make your preferable playlists with storage. Many of the users of Chromebook put complaints about the dominant ads over the soundtrack.

  1. Gmail Offline

In case you don’t have access to the network connectivity and you desire to align with the email services then you can employ this application to have a better interface. You can use this app while in flight or subway mode. In this app, the messages will be in sync with the Gmail Offline services in case of not availability of internet connections. Here, you can frame the replies that can be gathered in this platform and delivered next time to the Chromebook while being connected online. Its demerit is that it swiftly drains the battery power as compared to the other apps. It has the simple user interface that can be handled with the ease.

  1. All-in-one Messenger App

In the present times of immediate messaging, all are utilizing the different platforms for the purpose of communications with others. That’s why it is difficult to ignore those applications when you desire to be in connection with those present in the circle. This app plugs the problems through the access to services of chatting and messaging from a particular place. After downloading the app, you will get the reach digitally via the Chromebook. You will get the seamless experience along with the recent models. In case you work with the older version of Chromebook the storage of this application might lead to the slowdown of the system.

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