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Guide to Boosting the Speed of iPad

Are you facing the problem of slow iPad? It normally happens with the earlier versions of iPads which are not equipped with the processing capacity of iPad Air line and iPad Pro tablets. There can be a number of the reasons why iPad device might run slowly like slow network connectivity or application related issues. You can resolve the issue of having slow iPad by following tips:

Guide to Boosting the Speed of iPad

  1. Closing the present application used

When you notice the slow running rate of the installed application, then it seems reasonable to go back to home screen and close the app then again launch it. In another side, pressing the option of “Home” can’t opt out you from the app. It keeps the application suspended or frozen. Some of the applications still work with the back screen. In case the root cause of slow speed of your iPad is with the one running application then you should close that particular app. After quitting out from that app, you will be permitted to open it with its fresh variant.

For closing the app, you have to halt the working with the other applications running in backdrop screen:

  • Double-click the button of “Home” placed on the bottom of the device.
  • If you click it two times immediately, then the most present applications are displayed in the form of cascading screen. You can browse through the display by heading from left side to right side or right side to the left side. There will be the icons of respective applications available in the active windows.
  • Now, you can quit out the app.

For closing the single application, you can follow the below steps:

  • You can press the “active window” continuously.
  • You can head this to the top of the screen without pulling fingers from the display. It is noted here that you have to press-hold the window of application and not the icon of the application.
  • You will be permitted now to close the application.
  1. Restarting the iPad device

It is not necessary that always moving out from the application will work for you. You can also opt to reboot your iPad device. After rebooting, everything will be flushed down from the storage, and the device will be allowed to the fresh launching. For rebooting the device, you can do following:

  • You can press the button of “Sleep/Wake” till commands show for moving the option to turn off the power of the device.
  • While swiping the option, the tablet will be turned off, and the entire dark screen will be shown on iPad.
  • You can stay awaited for a while then re-launch the device by pressing-hold the option of “sleep/wake”. Now your device will be boot up freshly.
  • After all the above steps, you can reboot the iPad.
  1. Monitor the Wifi internet connectivity

There may be the case that your iPad is good enough, but the network connection is not. In this case, you should test the rate of internet connectivity of the network service by any internet speed tester like Ookla app. This will provide you with information regarding the rate of uploading and downloading speed. If the problem is related to the Wifi internet connectivity, then you should position it nearer to the router machine. In case internet speed is increased then you can observe if any improvement in the range of Wifi network.

  1. Ensure that you are working with the latest variant of the iOS device

iOS is the OS (operating system) executing on the iPad device. Dealing with the latest variant of the operating system is awesome. With the use of the new OS, it comes with the recent tweaks for the security concerns and more. You can examine the iOS variant by heading to the application of “Settings” and hitting on “General Settings” and then the section of “Software Update”.

  1. Download the Ad Blocker program

Are you facing the slow rate of functioning while navigating the website in Safari web browser? But if the speed rate of internet connectivity is not lowered, then it can be the sign of web pages that you are navigating than the device. If there are more ads on the website then more time it will consume for loading. To plug this, you can use the ad blocker program. You can disallow the ads on the sites for augmenting the Safari web browser.


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