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How to Download Books from Kindle for iPad

Amazon offers thousands of books for people to purchase and download. In case you have already installed the Kindle application on the iPhone, then you can easily download and read books from Kindle on the iPad. Here’s how to download books from Kindle for iPad. How to Install the Kindle Application? •    Go to theContinue reading “How to Download Books from Kindle for iPad”

How to Print with an iPad with or without AirPrint

If you’re using an iPad for work, have your business or other data stored in it. You’ll likely to print out something from your iPad. Fortunately, the current printing solutions for an iPad are much better than before. Now, you can connect your iPad with a printer and print whatever you need. Here is someContinue reading “How to Print with an iPad with or without AirPrint”

How to Change the Subscription Settings in Podcasts

Apple Podcast entertains its users with different shows which include educational, cartoons, drama or long stories, Apple podcast is the best way to keeps us entertained. You will get many Apple podcast applications, but in case you needed the important one, then Podcasts application is best for you. After subscribing to the favorite podcasts shows,Continue reading “How to Change the Subscription Settings in Podcasts”

How to Save Web Pictures on the iPad

For the iPad users, this is a very simple process to download pictures from the website to their iPad. They can save the pictures that are present in email or in the social networking applications like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But not every site allows the users to save the pictures to their iPad cameraContinue reading “How to Save Web Pictures on the iPad”

How to Arrange Applications on the iPad

You should systematically keep your applications, as it helps you find your favorite application easily. You can put similar applications in one folder and other applications in a different folder. You can give a name to both the folders. Arranging your applications will make your iPad to look clean. All the essential or daily useContinue reading “How to Arrange Applications on the iPad”

Guide to Boosting the Speed of iPad

Are you facing the problem of slow iPad? It normally happens with the earlier versions of iPads which are not equipped with the processing capacity of iPad Air line and iPad Pro tablets. There can be a number of the reasons why iPad device might run slowly like slow network connectivity or application related issues.Continue reading “Guide to Boosting the Speed of iPad”

How to Screen Share with iDevices to Get Remote Control Access

If you know somebody who is encountering issues on their iDevices, or simply wishes you to see something unusual that is happening on their gadget, then screen sharing is your saviour. If you have sound technical knowledge, then your needy friends might ask you to fix their devices. What happens when you do not wishContinue reading “How to Screen Share with iDevices to Get Remote Control Access”

How to Use iPad as a Second Screen for Your Mac?

One of the advantages of having a small-screen laptop like Apple’s 12in MacBook or the MacBook Air is that you can easily double your screen real estate by using an iPad as a second screen. As a second monitor using an iPad is an ideal solution for those who only have access to a small-screenContinue reading “How to Use iPad as a Second Screen for Your Mac?”

How to Manage HomePod on iPhone or iPad?

We all know that Apple’s HomePod is almost ahead, and many will be wondering how to manage this smart speaker easily. Basically, Apple’s Homepod is a Siri enabled smart speaker who can easily connect with any of the Apple devices, and also accounts for a lot of things. It can be helpful in playing music,Continue reading “How to Manage HomePod on iPhone or iPad?”