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All Bridges Location in GTA 5

If you are a player of GTA, then you know the most efficient method of traveling is aviation. So you should know all the locations of bridges to put down your helicopter and do a stunt to earn rewards. These are the dangerous location where you can show off the aviation abilities and are marked as dots on the map. Here are all the bridges locations in GTA 5:

All Bridges Location in GTA 5

Bridges at South Los Santos

Bridge 1: This one is located at the far south in the La Puerta Freeway, a little bit east side of the airport.

Bridge 2: It is located north port of Los Santos. It may take time, patience, and a bit tenderness to go under the bridge. So keep going slowly.

Bridge 3: It can be found east side of bridge 2. You have to keep elevation the same as bridge 2 to zip under this bridge.

Bridge 4: You can’t miss this curved low elevated bridge. So you have to keep it low in this one too.

Bridge 5: It is right next to number 4. you can get this simply by staying at the same level and on the straight path.

Bridge 6: This is located east side of Los Santos’ port and crosses over the Highway of Elysian Fields.

Bridge 7: You have to fly under Elysian Fields near the Highway, which is located to the south of Los Santo, which will get rewarded for this bridge.

Bridge 8: Go to the north of aqueduct between South and East of the Los Santos then to the next few bridges 9, 10, 11

Bridge 20: To fly under a bridge located between Olympic and Del Perro highway.

Bridge 21: You can find the aqueduct located between South  of Los Santos and La Puerta.

North of The Los Santos

Bridge 12, 13, 14, 15: These bridges are located at conduit from Bridge 11.

Bridge 16: This is one of the difficult bridge to go under. The best chances are to cross the bridge is when the buzzard helicopter has smooth controllers.

Bridge 17: This is located right next to 16, having the same difficulty as 16. Customize the controllers of the Buzzard chopper, so that it is easier to handle.

Bridge 18 and 19: Just go on the south of the Del Perro highway from bridge17, and there you will find this bridge with the next bridge along with it.

Bridge 28: You have to take a ride over along the east coast, and you will find the train bridge.

Bridge 29: It is located on the north side of the last bridge; if you are approaching from the east side, then it is a bit little easier to get under.

Bridge 30: This is one of the hard and sneaky bridges in this game, which can be located just on the south side of near Power Station.

Bridge 31: This is located to the west of the bridge 30, and bridge 32 is located just next to it.

Bridge 33: This bridge can be found on the opposite side of the coast; you can find it near Chumash, which is next to the Great Ocean Highway. Here you will notice the two exactly identical bridges; still, you will get credit only for the one.

South of Blaine Country

Bridge 34: This bridge is located just south side of Fort Zancudo. You have to make sure that you have to stay far from the fort area.

Bridge 35: This is located southeast of Fort, you have to follow the rapid coming down.

Bridge 36: This is a train bridge that can be found on the east side of the fort. This is over the Zancudo River.

Bridge 37: It is a small wooden bridge, which can be a tricky spot and even trickier to cross. So you have to go slow. Be attentive because there is not much room.

Bridge 38: It is located at the west Harmony. This bridge will be seen by going with dirt paths that cross below 38 highway.

Bridge 39: It is located near southwestern mouth, which will lead you into the Alamo sea. This is a train bridge that can be seen in south Stab City.

Bridge 40: It is located straight in front of the last bridge (39). Here, you can cross this one without changing the course.

Bridge 41: It is located on the east side coast, under the Senora highway

Bridge 42: It is located in front of the east side of the last bridge (41), just opposite to the wind farm.

 Bridge 43: It is located near Senora highway and next to route 68. It is very easy to cross from under, just careful of the traffic.

North Blaine Country

Bridge 44: This bridge is a big bridge, so it is very easy to spot and cross.

Bridge 45: It is located east side of the last bridge (44).

Bridge 46: This is located on the northwest side of the Alamo Sea, which is a train bridge that doesn’t have a lot of room to cross.

Bridge 47: This is located on the midway under the Cassidy Creek, which makes spotting this bridge easy.

Bridge 48: This is located on the northwest side of the last bridge (47). This is a tricky one, be careful while crossing it.

Bridge 49: You can find this one at the mouth side of Cassidy Creek, at far west side coast; this is a large bridge, so easy to spot and cross.

Bridge 50: This is the last bridge of the bridge, which can be located on the north side of Blaine County, which is on the east side of the little ways. You have to look for the train crossing.



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