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Best Way to Protect Your Privacy on Public WiFi Networks

Wi-Fi network is an amazing way to connect to the internet without even using cables; this will makes portable browsing effortless. However, we are frequently greeting new technology which helps us to browse faster and more comfortable.

Best Way to Protect Your Privacy on Public WiFi Networks

Simply, we connect our Mobile phone, personal computers, laptop, tablets, and other devices to a Wi-Fi by using a router which joined us to a specific location. Usually, private connections are used for office or home networks, and public ones are dominant in cafes, bars, restaurants, train stations, etc.

Thus, whenever you are using any secured Wi-Fi connections in your home, office, or any friend apartment, make sure to enter the password, which instantly arises the feeling of safety. Though, public Wi-Fi creates a certain risk which is generally related to privacy.

However, the no password policy allows everyone to connect to the Wi-Fi. Also, it enables attacks to enter devices and performs malicious tasks, such as installing malware or stealing sensitive information like Usernames, passwords, banking details, etc.

Obviously, no one likes to disclose their personal data in this way, so we provide you complete instruction which will help you in protecting your privacy on public Wi-Fi networks. Here we will discuss various tips which can help you with your online safety while using public Wi-Fi networks.

Use Only Secure Sites

It is not suitable to perform important operations, like money transactions or bank balance checking while you are connected with any public Wi-Fi. Hackers are willing to receive credit card details, so don’t give them any chance to cheat you. Thus, to stop them try to use a specialized web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or any other. And always be sure to visit a secure website. Before visiting any website, ensure that the website’s name starts with the https:// because S stands for any secure socket layer.

 Disable Public Network Sharing

Network Sharing is always a useful service for all the users, as it allows resource sharing with the printer, public folders, etc. however, we advise you to use the network sharing only when you are connected to work or home network. So to disable the public network sharing, follow the below given steps:

  1. Type Control Panel under the Search box and press Enter key.
  2. Navigate to the “Network and Internet” option.
  3. Click on the “Network and Sharing Center” tab.
  4. Then, click on “Change Advanced Sharing Settings” option.
  5. Lastly, select Public Profile and disable the File Sharing, Network Discovery, and also Public Folder Sharing option.


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