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How to Fix Common Dorm Room Tech Issues

School has always been a complicated phenomenon. Issues with technology just make it staler. There are chances that the users heavily rely on gadgets and systems (as in schools). There are increased chances of hitting a snag. You may surprise yourself by knowing how many problems you can troubleshoot on your own. When you knowContinue reading “How to Fix Common Dorm Room Tech Issues”

Best Way to Protect Your Privacy on Public WiFi Networks

Wi-Fi network is an amazing way to connect to the internet without even using cables; this will makes portable browsing effortless. However, we are frequently greeting new technology which helps us to browse faster and more comfortable. Simply, we connect our Mobile phone, personal computers, laptop, tablets, and other devices to a Wi-Fi by usingContinue reading “Best Way to Protect Your Privacy on Public WiFi Networks”

How to Share Wifi Password With Others on iOS 11

Are you staying over at a friend’s and want to find out their Wi-Fi password? Sometimes wireless network owners forget the password as their devices automatically get connected to the network whenever it is in range. To combat this issue, Apple added a feature called Share Your Wi-Fi in iOS 11. This feature, which isContinue reading “How to Share Wifi Password With Others on iOS 11”