How to Watch Hulu on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo was introduced way back in 2017 and the much-awaited console was an instant hit. During the time both Sony and Microsoft have created multifunctional consoles and Nintendo simply followed the trend. It was obvious that Japanese gaming was increasing the Console trend in the empire of online streaming. If you want to know whetherContinue reading “How to Watch Hulu on Nintendo Switch”

Pokémon Go: How to Catch Party Hat Wurmple

The auspicious celebration of New Year is going on across the world, and the gaming industries also celebrated the festive day with their fans. We have witnessed several new updates alongside events that are favoring players to attain rewards and lots of beneficial items. Pokémon Go had also taken part in this festive celebrating race andContinue reading “Pokémon Go: How to Catch Party Hat Wurmple”

Pokémon Go: How to Counter Delibird in Raids

The gaming world is celebrating Christmas with a unique way of availing their gamers with several rewards and new events. Pokémon Go also wishes its gamers with all-new Bonuses, Raid Pokémon, special spawn, and Pokémon clothes. On the special occasion of Christmas and to avail the players with winter experience, the Pokémon Go developers have added a few Ice-type Pokémon inContinue reading “Pokémon Go: How to Counter Delibird in Raids”

What is Kurio Watch and Why Buy It?

It is basically a smartwatch that is made for the younger generation. It has plenty of features such as an in-built camera for games as well as applications that kids adore. The most popular feature that made it very popular among kids is pairing the Kurio to any of the phones. For knowing about KurioContinue reading “What is Kurio Watch and Why Buy It?”

How to Use Apple Pay on Mac?

Apple has simplified the payments for their users with Apple Pay as now you can make payment with Apple Pay just with the touch of the finger of yours. If you’re among the shopping lover and do shopping on your Mac device, then remember that Apple Pay allows you to authorize payments that are doneContinue reading “How to Use Apple Pay on Mac?”

The New Mutants: Second Official Trailer Releasing in January

More than two years have passed since the original release date of The New Mutants. Now, it is finally getting its new trailer in the forthcoming month January as confirmed by the director Josh Boone. The film will be based on The New Mutant comic produced by Marvel, and you will see a squad ofContinue reading “The New Mutants: Second Official Trailer Releasing in January”

Fix: New GOG Games not Showing in the Library

GOG is one of the leading digital distribution platform, where you can attain any classic or latest game for your PC and other platforms. All you need to do is choose your desirable game and pay for it to enjoy in the leisure time. However, some users are facing a problem as the games doContinue reading “Fix: New GOG Games not Showing in the Library”

Halo Reach: List of PC Launch Issues and Bugs

Recently, Microsoft has released the Halo Master Chief Collection for PC and it is an instant hit. In the Halo PC version, Bungie has offered lots of exciting elements and pushed to 4K graphics. However, with the impressive return to the Classic 2010 version of Halo, some gamers are facing a range of audio, graphical,Continue reading “Halo Reach: List of PC Launch Issues and Bugs”

How to Fix Disk Error with Manual Commands on Windows 10?

Even though Windows 10 offers numerous handy features and functions, it is still prone to some issues. One such issue is the error code “Windows detected a hard disk problem.” If the user is facing the same, then they can fix it easily with our guidance. So, here are the steps to fix disk errorContinue reading “How to Fix Disk Error with Manual Commands on Windows 10?”

How to View HEVC or HEIC Files in Windows 10

The HEIF or “High-Efficiency Image File Format” and HEVF “High-Efficiency Video Codec” specialization file or Video formats provide a better quality of images and video formats for Windows 10. The former deals with the picture quality over various older versions of file formats like GIF, PNG, JPEG, etc. It also works for the improvement ofContinue reading “How to View HEVC or HEIC Files in Windows 10”

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