Getting Started With Dropbox

In our busy life’s we don’t have that much time to find our essential documents in a different folder or place. So here Dropbox will help you to get rid out of it. It will create only one folder to keep your document in one place. You will get all of your documents together inContinue reading “Getting Started With Dropbox”

How to Link Your Bank Account on Amazon Pay

On Amazon, you can buy different products for men and women, electronics, cosmetics, groceries and many other products. You can link your bank account with Amazon account by going through the option to enter your personal details. You can do this by going to the setting page of Amazon located on the upper side ofContinue reading “How to Link Your Bank Account on Amazon Pay”

The Beginner’s Guide to Using Google Drive

On Google Drive, you can keep your data stored by putting all the documents on it  Google Drive application can be used in Android, iPhone, laptops and PC. Now there is no worry of losing your data which is saved already in your device because all the video, images and files are secure in yourContinue reading “The Beginner’s Guide to Using Google Drive”

How to Use Hulu with Live TV

Hulu is one of the best devices to view live TV through your Hulu device. You can watch video, serials, movies and many other TV shows through Hulu. The great feature of this is that you can watch any of the videos in different languages as per your demand. There are multiple new movies youContinue reading “How to Use Hulu with Live TV”

Tips and Tricks for Using Instameet

Instameet is a unique and mesmerising means to gather around with new people and community members to explore new locations, create wonderful memories and capture delightful pictures to showcase your love for art. You have no boundaries while using the Instameet as there is no limit to the number of people gathering. You just requireContinue reading “Tips and Tricks for Using Instameet”

Best Apps for Chromebook in 2019

Chromebook is considered to be not capable of offering equaling performance and features as compared to its competitors.  As Chrome OS does not support the variety of functions that MacOS or Windows provide, it is considered inferior to them. But there are a number of applications available to satisfy the requirements of a Chromebook user.Continue reading “Best Apps for Chromebook in 2019”

How to Screen Share with iDevices to Get Remote Control Access

If you know somebody who is encountering issues on their iDevices, or simply wishes you to see something unusual that is happening on their gadget, then screen sharing is your saviour. If you have sound technical knowledge, then your needy friends might ask you to fix their devices. What happens when you do not wishContinue reading “How to Screen Share with iDevices to Get Remote Control Access”

Review your 2018 Instagram Colour Palette with the Year of Colour App

Year of Colour is a web-based application created by Stef Lewandowski. Lewandowski, a technologist and designer who lives in the UK, created this application that summarizes the complete colour schemes of the users’ Instagram posts of last year and sums them into a compilation of round concept-based circles. This web-based app makes use of AIContinue reading “Review your 2018 Instagram Colour Palette with the Year of Colour App”

How to Set Up a Secure and Strong Cloud-Based Business

One must know that there is not much difference between cloud businesses and regular businesses. For this reason, cloud business owners need to take some measures while creating a cloud-based business. When it comes to the cloud, one must cautiously and diligently go through the various services that shall be availed by the company. OwnersContinue reading “How to Set Up a Secure and Strong Cloud-Based Business”

Complete Guide to Using AirPods as Hearing Aids

Apple is mostly the leader and forerunner when it comes to new technologies and innovation. Apple’s AirPods are one-of-its-kind devices that offer amazing sound quality and are completely wireless. But, did you know that they can also be used as hearing aids? Apple offered Live Listen for AirPods, and it enabled users to use theContinue reading “Complete Guide to Using AirPods as Hearing Aids”

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