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How to fix “fbconnect library is missing error” on Windows PC

Many of the Windows users come up with the complaint of an error ‘fbconnect library is missing’ which occurs on their Windows 10 PC or laptops. The error mainly occurs by having multiple browsers on your Windows system. Many users prefer to use more than one browser on their PC due to several reasons, andContinue reading “How to fix “fbconnect library is missing error” on Windows PC”

How to Fix ‘Someone Else Is Using This PC’ Error on Windows

Many of the Windows users complain of an error message that reads: Someone else Is Using This PC. According to several reports by users, the error mainly occurs in shutting down and restarting the PC. There can be several reasons responsible for the occurrence of this issue. But multiple users on the same PC isContinue reading “How to Fix ‘Someone Else Is Using This PC’ Error on Windows”

How to Read Mac Drives on Windows PC?

Want to read your Mac drive on a Windows PC? If yes, then you have come to the right place. If you think that it is a simple thing to do, then you are probably misunderstood. Reading Mac drives on Windows requires additional work such as installing third-party applications. Let’s take a closer look atContinue reading “How to Read Mac Drives on Windows PC?”

How to Fix Telnet Is Not Recognized

Telnet is one of the most popular remote login protocols on the world wide web. With Telnet, you can use any other system remotely. But, many users are facing ‘Telnet is not recognized’ while they try to use the Telnet command.  If you want to fix this issue on your Windows PC or Mac, thenContinue reading “How to Fix Telnet Is Not Recognized”

How to Send and Receive Texts from Your Windows PC

Want to send and receive texts on large screens? It is convenient to text from a computer, especially when you are at work. There are a number of apps that allow you to send and receive texts from your computer.  Go through this article to know how to send and receive texts from your WindowsContinue reading “How to Send and Receive Texts from Your Windows PC”

How to Download and Use Fresh Paint on Windows PC

Fresh Paint is a graphic designing application which helps a user in creating dynamic images and pictures. It includes a range of tools and styles which features oil, pen, and watercolor. So if you wish to download and install the Fresh Paint application on to your Windows 10 computer then refer to the steps mentionedContinue reading “How to Download and Use Fresh Paint on Windows PC”

How to Navigate your Windows PC Without a Mouse

It’s worth knowing how to operate your mouse cursor without a mouse, especially when your trackpad on your laptop stops working or your desktop mouse malfunctions. If your mouse stops responding, then in such a situation a you can press the “Enter” key from their keyboard to initiate navigation for the present window in use.Continue reading “How to Navigate your Windows PC Without a Mouse”

How To Open XPS Files on Windows PC

XPS files format is developed by Windows in response to the well-known PDF file format. Although Windows-based operating systems come with an in-built software to read and access the XPS files, still Mac users require some additional program to convert the XPS files in PDF format to open and access. If you are looking forContinue reading “How To Open XPS Files on Windows PC”

How to Check Emails from Other Accounts

Google Mail Fetcher feature is useful if you want to use multiple email addresses. You can make two different Gmail accounts, the first one for the friends and family and the other one for your work. You can add another email ID and bring together all mails from different accounts in an inbox. The instructionsContinue reading “How to Check Emails from Other Accounts”

How to Wipe Your Windows PC Hard Drive

Some of the Windows computers come with a system recovery disc or already have in-built recovery processes on the hard disk drive. You can restore and reset your computer hard drive to remove problems with the system programs which includes corrupted and malicious files in Windows. Here’s how to wipe your computer hard drive. StepsContinue reading “How to Wipe Your Windows PC Hard Drive”