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New Twitter Client Finally Allows Us to Edit Tweets

“Twitter’s Brizzly Plus Comes With An Undo Button to Edit Your Tweets” Twitter has finally included a feature that wills grants users to edit their tweets. The feature will arrive with a new addition which is called Brizzly Plus and will cost 60$ annually or 6$ for one month. The users have to purchase the subscription of Brizzly Plus in order toContinue reading “New Twitter Client Finally Allows Us to Edit Tweets”

How to Easily Download Twitter Videos

If you have the right tools, you can easily download videos from Twitter. It doesn’t matter whether you use Twitter on desktop, smartphone, or tablet. For saving an image online, you need to right to right-click on it, and it’s done. This exact method works on Twitter as well though you will have to takeContinue reading “How to Easily Download Twitter Videos”

5 Best Free Twitter Alternatives for 2019

With any doubt, Twitter is amongst the best social networking platform. It has a lot of features that makes it stand out from the other social networks. I love it because it provides me the opportunity to write tweets about trending topics. According to Wikipedia, it has a monthly traffic of 321 million as ofContinue reading “5 Best Free Twitter Alternatives for 2019”

How to Share Your Podcasts with Google Play Music

While listening to podcasts on Google Play Music, did you find a podcast or episode that is really enjoying and you feel like sharing it with others? On Google Play Music, sharing podcasts or individual episodes is easy. Here is how to share podcasts via different apps. How to share podcasts using text message 1.   Continue reading “How to Share Your Podcasts with Google Play Music”

How to Advertise on Twitter

Twitter helps you to get the latest news about any celebrities or famous peoples. You can have a conversation here in a small text which is names as “Tweets.” This means uploading a little text on Twitter that is view by your followers. On Twitter, you can watch live videos of any event. Twitter helpsContinue reading “How to Advertise on Twitter”