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Roku and Fox Make Deal to Continue Super Bowl LIV Streaming

Super Bowl 2020 will stream on Fox apps as Roku and Fox make a last-minute deal. The reason behind the dispute is still unknown. The chances of streaming Super Bowl 2020 in 4K HDR on Fox apps were looking bleak, but a last-minute deal between Roku and Fox saves the day. A few hours ago,Continue reading “Roku and Fox Make Deal to Continue Super Bowl LIV Streaming”

How to Mirror an iPhone to Roku

Roku is one of the most well-recognized streaming services around the globe. One of Roku’s best features is to allow to control a stream on smart TVs. It also lets you mirror your videos on the smart TV. Basically, the videos played on your phone shows up on the TV screen. Only things you willContinue reading “How to Mirror an iPhone to Roku”

How to Remove Pandora Subscription

You can cancel Pandora more easily through Pandora’s own application and on Pandora official website too.  In case you are an already member of Pandora subscription, make sure to cancel your membership from Pandora first before removing your account from Pandora. If you are not able to cancel your membership of Pandora, your subscription stillContinue reading “How to Remove Pandora Subscription”