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How to Add Slide Numbers in PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentation is used for showing your creativity toward your work with the help of present you can easily understand the difficult thing and also show your thinking points to others. PowerPoint is mostly used in offices for making presentations of company data. Students are also using PowerPoint presentations to create their project and workingContinue reading “How to Add Slide Numbers in PowerPoint”

5 Methods to Fix the PowerPoint File Size Problem

PowerPoint is among the most well-known and used software around the globe. The software offers numerous useful features that the user can avail at any time. However, some issues might occur when you try to share a presentation file. Have you ever failed to share a presentation file because of its excessive size? The largerContinue reading “5 Methods to Fix the PowerPoint File Size Problem”

How to Create a Photo Collage With PowerPoint

PowerPoint is generally used to make slideshows for personal and business purposes, but some people do not know how to create a photo collage with PowerPoint. This article will help you complete this procedure easily in your PowerPoint file. Steps to Create a Photo Collage With PowerPoint •    Launch a new blank document by goingContinue reading “How to Create a Photo Collage With PowerPoint”