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How to create PDF files on Mac and Windows

Basically, the PDF file is used for sharing your ideas and documents. You can easily view PDf files because Adobe Reader already comes inbuilt with  most computers. PDF files are easy to create, and completely searchable. They are easy to read on your mobile, and come with password protection also. So, here are some stepsContinue reading “How to create PDF files on Mac and Windows”

How to Edit a PDF Document on macOS

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the layout of a file used to view documents in the electronic format. You can open, print, move, and share PDF documents with anyone. PDF includes pictures, video, audio, form fields, links, and buttons. Here you will get to know how to edit a PDF document on macOS. Steps toContinue reading “How to Edit a PDF Document on macOS”

How to Convert Outlook Email to PDF

Do you want to store your Outlook mails as PDFs? Well, you get an array of options for storing email messages in Outlook. Go through the instructions given below to convert Outlook email to PDF. How to Save Email to PDF Through Outlook 2016 or Later? Here are the steps mentioned below for saving emailContinue reading “How to Convert Outlook Email to PDF”

Best Scanner to Change Your Documents into Images & PDFs

If I tell you that my school days included of finding spare change for the Xerox machine to copy textbook pages, then you can easily be able to imagine my age. These days, the youngster has taken it easy with their smartphones, but earlier, we were all used to pushing and shoving around the clunkyContinue reading “Best Scanner to Change Your Documents into Images & PDFs”