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How to Manage HomePod on iPhone or iPad?

We all know that Apple’s HomePod is almost ahead, and many will be wondering how to manage this smart speaker easily. Basically, Apple’s Homepod is a Siri enabled smart speaker who can easily connect with any of the Apple devices, and also accounts for a lot of things. It can be helpful in playing music,Continue reading “How to Manage HomePod on iPhone or iPad?”

Microsoft’s Chromium Browser Hopes to Give Edge an Edge

With the dynamically changing scenario for internet browsers, Microsoft decided to up its game by introducing new and improved changes to Edge. According to the latest reports, the tech giant will be rebuilding Microsoft Edge so that it can operate on Chromium. Chromium is an open-source internet browser project that drives Google’s popular browser –Continue reading “Microsoft’s Chromium Browser Hopes to Give Edge an Edge”

How to Fix the Missing DLL Files in Windows PC?

In this Digital World, many people are running a Windows operating system from Windows 7 up to the newest version of the Windows 10, so there are higher chances that you have been meted by a dialogue box error which notifying you of a missing DLL at least one time. The DLL file errors canContinue reading “How to Fix the Missing DLL Files in Windows PC?”